Another grave was filled on Pretty Little Liars season 7, episode 4, “Hit and Run, Run, Run.” Hopefully this body stays buried.

If a man who’s technically been dead for 15 years is murdered in the middle of the woods, does he still make a sound? That’s how the saying goes, right? Pretty Little Liars season 7, episode 4, had the Liars racing around trying to cover up a murder, but it may have all been for nothing.

Don’t you just hate it when you mix up the break and the gas pedal and you end up murdering your friend’s husband/kidnapper? Just remember for next time, Hanna: Left makes you stop, right makes Rollins drop. Whether Hanna truly made this mistake or if she was actually exacting her revenge, we’ll never know. Either way, though, we finally know who the girls were burying in the opening scene of Pretty Little Liars season 7.

When the man we thought was Elliot Rollins was killed at the end of the last episode, I was fairly certain he wasn’t the person they were burying. Spencer’s comment was about a “well thought out plan” that would be considered “first degree murder.” What they did would be, at most, considered manslaughter. I was definitely on Aria’s side when she suggested telling the police, but the girls were either too shocked to think clearly about the situation, or perhaps just less naive than Aria and myself.

pretty little liars 7x04, aria

While their murder couldn’t have been less planned, their cover-up was meticulously thought out. Every Liar had their instructions. First of all, Aria had to get Alison back to the hospital, where we learned that Alison probably didn’t kill Charlotte (like there was ever any doubt)! Alison was such a trooper in Pretty Little Liars season 7, episode 4. After she got through her initial creepiness at the scene of the crime, she really stepped it up for the sake of the plan.

Another Liar that stepped it up in this episode was Emily. After her boldness with Sabrina, Emily continued to show off her strength. She was always exactly where she needed to be and doing exactly what needed to be done. She almost broke down at the grave site, but after that she made the murder cover-up look like a piece of cake. She even had the courage to yell at the one Liar who could have ruined everything…

Poor Spencer. It really looked like she was fine in the last episode. She shared a few words with Hanna about what happened and had a mature conversation with Caleb that appeared to end their relationship. Her grace in the face of everything that happened was truly remarkable. Then, in Pretty Little Liars season 7, episode 4, she had a more appropriate reaction to the whole situation.

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It’s possible that the murder shook up something inside of her, or maybe she was just temporarily holding everything together before. Either way, she definitely showed her true feelings in this episode. This whole love triangle has been a huge annoyance in season 7, but it was almost worth it for that Spencer/Hanna/Caleb scene at the door! The emotion from all three of them was so powerful despite the fact that it was literally the most awkward situation of all time. There was so much love and pain in that room that it made me wish it could somehow work out between all three of them (not in a weird way).

pretty little liars 7x04, hanna

Spencer is so brilliant and reliable that it’s easy to forget about her history of control issues. When the Liars need a plan or someone to fix things, it’s usually Spencer that they look to, and she usually comes through! That being said, her intelligence and ability to control everything can be one of her biggest downfalls.

That level of perfection is impossible to maintain, but she puts so much pressure on herself to do so that she occasionally snaps. This “snapping” has lead to her having substance abuse problems in the past, and it led to her messing up the whole plan in Pretty Little Liars season 7, episode 4. Luckily, it looks like she’s on a path to healing, but that was also before Caleb left without a trace (just like he did to Hanna). I’d say we can officially call this move “pulling a Caleb.”

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Spencer’s lack of attention wasn’t the only thing that threatened the success of the cover-up. When Hanna and Aria went back to the scene of the crime to torch Rollins’ car, it was gone! Not to worry though: the magnificent Mona had it all along. I never know whether to be suspicious or to breathe a sigh of relief when Mona shows up, but this time she was there to help. She’s been following Rollins for a while, and even knows of a burner phone currently missing.

pretty little liars 7x04, mona

The easy assumption is that he was using the burner phone to speak to Mary Drake, but the easy assumption is rarely correct on Pretty Little Liars. Apparently, the man whom we thought was Elliot Rollins is actually Archer Dunhill (A.D.?), and he’s been talking to Jenna Marshall! That blast from the past is bringing more than heartfelt congratulations for Toby to Rosewood. She could be seeking revenge on Alison yet again.

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Since Mary Drake hasn’t had to keep up with Elliot/Archer’s pesky phone calls, she’s been able to take “charge,” whatever that means! She wasn’t happy about what Elliot was doing to Alison, so I’d like to expect that she’ll be treated better in her hands, but Mary Drake is still far from innocent and Alison is still far from safe. The question is, did Toby and the good ole Rosewood P.D. get there before anything too bad could happen to her? Well, that’s never been their style before, but we’ll see next week!

Who’s on our

It’s possible that Archer Dunhill/Elliot Rollins is the confirmed A.D., but these people still look suspicious.

  • Jenna Marshall — Unless she was calling to scold him for his wrongdoing, it looks like Jenna is Archer’s accomplice!
  • Sara Harvey — Sara and Jenna are so similar that it would make perfect sense for them to be working together
  • Mary Drake — That “I’m in charge now” didn’t exactly sound parental
  • Wren and Melissa — They’re not getting off the list until they do something to prove their innocence (not likely)

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