We have high hopes for the final episode of Pretty Little Liars. Here are just a fraction of the many things we want to see in the series finale!

From the answers that we absolutely need to some items that honestly probably won’t happen (but we still desperately want), we’ve put together 100 things that would add up to the perfect series finale of Pretty Little Liars. Check out our list and let us know what you would add!

  1. The reveal of A.D. — duh
  2. A satisfactory explanation for why A.D. did everything they did
  3. Flashbacks to show how the hell A.D. pulled everything off
  4. A scene where the Liars come face to face with their tormentor
  5. Justice for everything that A.D. has put the Liars through
  6. An explanation about the picture on the completed puzzle
  7. The current A/A.D. team completely assembled
  8. Reasons for why everyone is involved
  9. Other characters who’ve been affected by A.D. — at this point, the Liars can’t be the only ones who know/care
  10. The reveal of who shot Spencer — A.D. or otherwise
  11. pretty little liars 7x07, jason, mary drake, alison

  12. A definitive answer as to who killed Sara Harvey and why
  13. More importantly, though, please show us why Sara Harvey was ever a part of the A game
  14. The backstory behind the Charlotte/Rollins/Jenna team
  15. The reason why Charlotte used the last name “Drake” when she thought Jessica was her mother
  16. Charlotte’s history with Wren, including the Radley pass, the secret phone call, the red coat drawing and anything else that may have happened
  17. An explanation for why Noel helped Charlotte in the dollhouse — he’d already gotten away with murder
  18. Closure regarding the death of Toby’s mother — can we really believe Charlotte?
  19. Answers surrounding Eddie Lamb, his whereabouts, and his possible connection to Aria
  20. Information about what Melissa and Wren have been up to in London and how much Melissa knows about her family
  21. The complete story of Bethany Young and her connection to the DiLaurentis/Drakes
  22. The Spencer/Wren/Ezra airport scene explained
  23. If Spencer has a twin, a breakdown of which moments were Spencer and which were her twin
  24. pretty little liars, cece drake, charlotte dilaurentis, the a team

  25. Toby’s house and its new owner/occupants
  26. An explanation as to how the moms got out of the basement
  27. Mary Drake in prison for a murder she didn’t commit — how long will that last?
  28. Maya St. Germaine and whatever the hell she “knew”
  29. Lucas and Charles’ second comic book
  30. The little girl that showed up to Hanna’s house on Halloween
  31. Zero “very realistic” masks
  32. Zero completely irrelevant characters
  33. pretty little liars, sara harvey

  34. Jason DiLaurentis
  35. Melissa Hastings
  36. Wren Kingston
  37. Mike, Ella and Byron Montgomery
  38. Mrs. Grunwald
  39. Jenna Marshall
  40. The N.A.T. Club
  41. Bethany Young
  42. Aunt Carol
  43. Dr. Sullivan
  44. pretty little liars season 7A, ezria proposal

  45. One big, elaborate wedding
  46. An Ezria marriage
  47. An indication that Ezria will live out their days as tremendously happy co-authors
  48. A happy ending for Nicole — she deserves it, too!
  49. An Emison marriage
  50. The Emison baby, complete with an awesome name
  51. The reveal of the baby daddy
  52. A Spoby marriage
  53. Spoby moving into the house that Toby built
  54. A respectful nod to Yvonne
  55. pretty little liars, jenna marshall

  56. Haleb setting off for an epic honeymoon in Europe, since they couldn’t go last time
  57. It contradicts the last 11 items, but one of the original ships not ending up together
  58. A reunion between Ashley Marin and Pastor Ted
  59. Pam Fields being an amazing and supportive grandmother to Emison’s baby
  60. A reminder that Emily and Toby are friends
  61. Some of the characters who aren’t Liars forgiving and accepting Alison
  62. The Brew
  63. Rosewood High School
  64. The kissing rock
  65. Hollis College
  66. pretty little liars, emison, emily fields, alison dilaurentis

  67. A flash forward to Hanna’s successful fashion career, complete with Mona and Lucas as her advisor and investor
  68. A flash forward to Spencer Hastings as President
  69. A flash forward to Emily as a high profile swim coach
  70. A flash forward to Alison as a principal and the best, most loving and badass mom the world has ever seen
  71. A flash forward to Aria as a hugely successful writer of an epic story that ties into the Liars, somehow
  72. A flash forward to Mona having conquered her demons, as the most successful person in the world and true friend to all of the Liars
  73. A flash forward to Caleb using his tech skills for good and not mischief
  74. A flash forward to Toby as a police officer in a town that’s not quite as corrupt as Rosewood, or perhaps to him turning things around for Rosewood P.D.
  75. A flash forward to Ezra as a successful author and business owner
  76. A flash forward to the whole gang getting together after years of peace
  77. pretty little liars, wren kingston

  78. Justice for Mona — she deserves to be part of the group already
  79. Justice for Peter Hastings — Pretty Little Liars basically exists because he can’t keep it in his pants, so how has he kept his picture perfect family this long?
  80. Justice for Kenneth DiLaurentis — somehow he’s an even worse father than Peter Hastings
  81. Justice for Tom Marin — now that we’re on the topic of bad Pretty Little Liars dads, this guy sucks too!
  82. A support group for all of Peter Hastings’ illegitimate children
  83. Satisfactory redemption for Alison DiLaurentis
  84. Full redemption for Mona Vanderwaal
  85. Redemption for any good character who’s been suspected due to a red herring
  86. All of the characters we love working together to unmask and bring down A.D.
  87. One final meeting of the Drunk Moms Club
  88. pretty little liars season 7, spoby, spencer hastings, toby cavanaugh

  89. A genius Mona moment
  90. A hilarious line from Hanna
  91. A solid Vandermarin moment
  92. The return of Team Sparia
  93. A glimpse of Alison’s devilish side
  94. Emily being protective
  95. Spencer saving the day
  96. Ezra and Aria eating pie
  97. Emily and Alison in Paris
  98. Spencer and Toby playing scrabble
  99. pretty little liars season 7, noel kahn

  100. An epic, finale worthy “shh” in the opening credits
  101. At least one callback to the pilot
  102. At least one death, because it wouldn’t be a Pretty Little Liars finale without one
  103. Setup for a potential spinoff
  104. Setup for a potential movie
  105. A callback to Radley, because “everything always comes back to Radley”
  106. At least one Liar leaving Rosewood behind
  107. At least one Liar planning to stay in Rosewood
  108. One final sleepover
  109. A goodbye scene that Pretty Little Liars fans will never stop crying over

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What else do you want to see in the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ series finale?

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