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Episode #39 – ‘Veronica Mars’ – 3×01, 3×02 – Boy Meets Dictator

Hosted by Danielle, Karen, Ariana, and Mitchel

January 5, 2014

ReWatchable is back to discuss Veronica Mars season 3, episode 1 “Welcome Wagon” and season 3, episode 2 “My Big Fat Greek Rush Week.”

Veronica Mars season 3, episode 1 – “Welcome Wagon”

-Mitch is back! His season 2 finale reactions are quick and effective!
-The season 3 DVD cover spurs Lick and Harry Potter conversations.
-That new opening is SO different from the other season’s.
-Kendall’s still around? If only for a moment…
-Are Beaver’s plans still moving posthumously?
-Piz has a silly name, a goofy hair style, but is VERY likeable!
-So wait. Does Parker get a better wig or what?
-Veronica gave Piz THAT polo??
-Season 3 will focus on the serial rapist storyline introduced in season 2. Even though it’s not a murder mystery, will it live up to our high expectations?
-Is there an overall CW vibe to season 3?
-Dick’s life has been really tragic, but we can’t wait to see him mature over this season.

Veronica Mars Season 3, Episode 2 – “My Big Fat Greek Rush Week”

-The leader Fitzpatrick is a ruthless killer. Why does that family come in and out so often?
-Should Veronica feel bad for not stopping Parker’s rapist? How would she have even known?
-The sorority surprised us! We thought we weren’t going to like them, but they were oddly likeable!
-That driver with the nose ring is totally suspicious.
-The only thing that Wallace and Logan have in common is Veronica.
-Was there more to the den mother growing pot than was revealed?
Wishbone! And Sleepy Hollow!
-We discuss pledging and rushing, and how Veronica Mars portrayed this all realistically.
-The Stanford Experiment is more than intense, and shows a lot about human natures.
-Sean Hayes takes no prisoner.
-We get REALLY philosophical for a hot moment.
-Would you be a prisoner or a guard?
-Parker’s parents were not treating their daughter in the best way.
-Season 3 has a pretty good vibe from the get-go!
-Ariana dupes us all.
-Wait, Duncan’s “CW” referenced the network switch? Neat!


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