ReWatchable is back to discuss Veronica Mars season 2, episode 17 “Plan B” and season 2, episode 18 “I Am God.”

Veronica Mars Season 2, Episode 17 – “Plan B”

-Was it surprising that Logan won the mayor’s contest?
-America’s Next Top Model meets Veronica Mars. Again.
-Was the mayor wanting the DVD back more suspicious than the DVD itself?
-How awkward was Woody in the gym??
-Are Weevil and Veronica becoming friends again?
-Did Weevil know the Fitzpatrick’s were going to kill Thumper?
-Veronica’s “Possible Murderer” list is getting kind of long.
-Did we feel bad when Thumper died?
-Uh, what was going on with Wallace in this episode?
-Logan and Veronica buddy cop show? We’re in.
-Gia is such a conundrum.
-Should the witness have come forward?
-How do we feel about Mac and Cassidy in this episode?
-More importantly, what is going on with Cassidy??

Veronica Mars Season 2, Episode 18 – “I Am God”

-Did we like the dream sequences?
-Season 2 is a little convoluted.
-We liked that we got some more information on the bus crash victims.
-What was Lucky’s relevance to the bus plot line?
-Why would Big Dick take out that insurance policy on his kids?
-Weevil gets accused. Again.
-Was it realistic that Veronica got into Stanford?
-Was Veronica being too harsh to Logan in this episode?
-We love the Wallace and Logan bromance.
-Is Logan isolating himself from his other friends?
-Why didn’t Keith say something to Veronica about her hiding in the principal’s closet?
-Was the anxiety disorder plot line just a space-filler?
-What could the phone call at the end mean?


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