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Episode #38 – ‘Veronica Mars’ – 2×21, 2×22 – Personally Victimized

Hosted by Danielle, Gabrielle, Karen, Ariana, Marama, and Caitlin

December 31, 2013

ReWatchable is back to discuss Veronica Mars season 2, episode 21 “Happy Go Lucky” and season 2, episode 22 “Not Pictured.”

Note: The first 10 minutes have some audio issues, but it clears up quite well after that. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Veronica Mars Season 2, Episode 21 – “Happy Go Lucky”

-We have a few missing members today, but we’ll make it work!
-What did we think of the trial with Aaron?
-Refresher: Why did Logan destroy the tapes?
-Why did they bring up the fact that Veronica had an STD?
-Has Keith and Veronica’s relationship gotten better?
-Were we surprised Woody was guilty?
-Was Lucky just a plot device?
-What was Lucky’s connection with the Mannings?
-Did we like seeing Weevil struggling with school, and then succeeding?
-Danielle’s love for Corny is endless.
-We need more Mac.
-Veronica is a Slytherin.
-Has Wallace’s arc been enjoyable this season?
-What did we think of Veronica skipping out on her final?
-Don’t tackle gunmen.
-Quality MySpace references.

Veronica Mars Season 2, Episode 22 – “Not Pictured”

-Prepare yourselves.
-What did we think of the dream sequence?
-What about the graduation ceremony?
-Lamb is so ridiculous.
-Was Jackie’s story contrived at the end?
-We have so much to say about Cassidy.
-But in the end, was everything he did just…too much?
-Do we feel different about Dick now?
-What is a sociopath?
-We know who Sally is now.
-Did Dick know the type of person Cassidy was?
-What about the Fitzpatricks?
-Poor Ariana. :(
-What happened to Mac?
-Marama actually likes Logan for, like, two whole seconds!
-What did we think about Aaron’s death?
-Why would you live in Neptune?
-How do we feel about Duncan calling the hit?
-Marama has priorities.
-Duncan was asking for his job back.
-Did we think Keith was really dead?
-What’s in the briefcase?
-How did the season 2 finale compare to the season 1 finale?


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