Join ReWatchable as we discuss Angel 5×15, “A Hole in the World,” and Angel 5×16 “Shells.”

Superfan: Karen and Maj
Newbies: Danielle?? and Kristen

Fun Facts:

Maj is all about Eurovision (with just a teensy bit of hockey talk). Kristen is mourning the loss of April Kepner on Grey’s Anatomy. Danielle?? is staying in her apartment for another year, so, YAY! And Karen got to interview a guy from Tremors and she’s not sure if Brittany is talking to her anymore.

Angel season 5, episode 15, “A Hole in the World” and episode 16, “Shells”:
-Kristen shares her long held spoiler-ific secret.
-We all reflect on Fred’s death.
-Why was Fred’s death so similar to Cordy’s?
-Flashback Fred was so charming and sweet.
-That transition was on fire.
-Nox is super evil and we didn’t necessarily see him coming. Okay, well, some of us did.
-Thoughts on WesiFred
-This is a new shade of Dark Wesley.
-More thoughts on Wes and Fred’s relationship.
-You really don’t want to cross Lorne.
-We all talk about why we like either “A Hole in the World” or “Shells” more.
-Drogyn does not like being asked questions.
-Angel makes a choice that is definitely a VERY tough one.
-Fred’s death is a really, really tough pill to swallow.
-Illyria’s look: Love it, hate it, annoyed by it?
-We have a little criticism for the sexualization of the ladies in the last few episodes.
-Did Gunn deserve to get stabbed?
-Wes shoots Nox and we’re upset about it, but probably not for the reasons you’d think.
-The final scene with Wes and Fred is some incredible acting from Amy Acker. #alltheawards
-Lorne blames himself for not hearing Nox’s betrayal when he heard him sing. We don’t blame him at all.
-Danielle?? asks a very good question about the First Evil, Jasmine, and the old gods.
-Karen and Maj do their best to answer it without leading the newbies anywhere.
-Is Illyria this season’s big bad?
-International titles
-Favorite Scenes Pt 1
-Favorite Lines Pt 1
-Favorite Scenes Pt 2
-Favorite Lines Pt 2

Listener Feedback:
-One listener has us all a little confused.
-We definitely agree that “You’re Welcome” would have been a decent series finale.

Danielle ??’s Deliberations/Kristen’s Kontemplations:
Angel season 5, episode 17, “Underneath”
Angel season 5, episode 18, “Origins”

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