Join ReWatchable as we discuss Angel 5×11, “Damage,” and Angel 5×12 “You’re Welcome.”

Superfan: Karen and Maj
Newbies: Ariana and Mitch

Fun Facts:
Maj is rating things in Infinity Stones now. Mitch is afraid of Rotten Tomatoes. Ariana is overwhelmed. Karen saw Cursed Child and it was a breathtaking piece of bulls#!t.

Angel season 5, episode 11, “Damage”:
-Quick notes!
-This whole episode was kind of a blur tbh.
-There are some uncomfortable racial undertones in the way Angel and Wes treat Gunn.
-Minorities stick together!
-Mitch thinks Wes collects trophies.
-Did any of these writers watch season 7 of Buffy?
-Magic hands!
-We hate that Andrew is so funny.
-Did Buffy do the right thing in activating the potentials?
-When Andrew has more good guy cred than you do… time to reevaluate your choices.
-The Scoobies don’t trust Angel.
-Angel needs an OPA.
-International titles!
-Favorite Scenes
-Favorite Lines

Angel season 5, episode 12, “You’re Welcome”:
-Mitch was SHOCKED.
-This is the 100th episode!
-Charisma kind of got screwed twice.
-Buffy almost came back.
-Angel’s relationships with Buffy and Cordy are very different.
-Cordy and Wes are such bros.
-The Doyle of it all.
-Did Angel inherit Cordelia’s visions?
-Cordy and Spike are both divas.
-“He’s in LA! Find a stylist.”
-Angel’s track is confusing, as are Cordelia’s intentions.
-With Cordy, Angel is so domestic.
-Buffy makes him want to be a Champion, Cordelia makes him want to be a good man.
-Favorite Scenes
-Favorite Lines

Listener Feedback:
-Sounds wet.
-ATLA/Angel crossover!

Ariana’s Answers/Mitch’s Musings:
Angel season 5, episode 13, “Why We Fight”
Angel season 5, episode 14, “Smile Time”

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