Join ReWatchable as we discuss Buffy 7×20, “Touched” and Angel 4×22, “Home.”

Superfan: Caitlin and Natalie
Newbies: Brittany and Ariana

Fun Facts:
This episode got off to a ROUGH start. Brittany “disappeared” when a family member dropped by. Natalie’s washing machine overflowed and caused a flood. Ariana adds her favorite episode of ReWatchable to our group post (check it out!). Caitlin is on SPRING BREAK WOOOHOOOOO. But, unfortunately, it’s over.

And now, the weather.

Buffy season 7, episode 20, “Touched”:
-Clem was last week
-Buffy kicks a man out of his house. Why? Why not?
-Faith is in charge, kind of
-Brittany puts her Parliamentary procedure knowledge to use
-Was the group shutting down Buffy or Buffy’s idea?
-The potentials are confusing the newbies
-News coverage in the Buffyverse is not great
-Good job team! Use a spell!
-Remember Andrew sucks
-What exactly did we learn from Instagram, I mean the Bringers
-Spike and Buffy — fuel for trash hearts
-The scene between Spike and Buffy was so great for Buffy and the newbies
-Brittany is not on brand
-The Mayor is back! And he has an incredible scene
-What counts as sex on TV?
-No popcorn for you
-“Their version of not getting it was to dig it up for her”
-Sarah Michelle Gellar was in the REAL Scooby Gang!
-Favorite Scenes
-Favorite Lines

Angel season 4, episode 22, “Home”:
-Lilah is back and the Pancakes are speechless
-Wolfram and Hart is back in business with Mr. Angel in charge!
-But there is no world peace
-Let’s go to The Good Place for answers
-Everyone is faced with a judgement call — was it too easy?
-Are we romanticizing Cordelia too much?
-Let’s talk about the Cordelia elephant in the room
-Gunn was not T’Challa, but could he be?
-What exactly can Gunn do now?
-Why is Wes so sure?
-“He’s basically got a Kindle”
-Wes and Lilah make so much sense together, can he go to hell with her?
-ZUTARA FOREVER — but a breakthrough in shipping!
-Do you think you might need an amulet? Maybe? No?
-Connor’s story makes sense, but he is not a hero and we can’t feel sorry for him
-So many arcs are ruined by getting rid of Connor
-Let’s spill the horrible BTS drama with Cordelia
-Favorite Scenes
-Favorite Lines

Listener Feedback:
-Jasmine was trying to sacrifice the few for the many, but what is a few?
-“From dumpster love to dumpster fire”
-We reflect on “The Body”

Brittany’s Brainstorms/Ariana’s Answers:
Buffy season 7, episode 21, “End of Days”
Buffy season 7, episode 22, “Chosen”

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