Join ReWatchable as we discuss Buffy 7×19, “Empty Places” and Angel 4×21, “Peace Out.”

Superfan: Karen
Newbies: Mitch and Ariana

Fun Facts:

Mitch is trying to balance his gaming life with real life, and maybe some crossover will help with that. Karen has been playing a lot of Fortnite lately, but has had to resist the pull sometimes to get things done. Ariana has never played a video game… unless Tetris counts.

Buffy season 7, episode 19, “Empty Places”
-Clem out!
-Xander is still less an eye.
-Willow just wants to play cards.
Jaws 3D fun fact.
Firefly heroes make great villains.
-Sometimes you just know you could be a better uber-villain.
-We would so watch a buddy comedy starring Anya and Spike. For real.
-Maybe not a show of the much more unlikely duo: Andrew and Spike.
-Does Andrew really want to be there? Or is he just there because they make him feel important?
-Did the potentials really need a field trip to The Bronze?
-No more parties for the Summers residence.
-The sexual tension was real between Principal Wood and Faith.
-And Buffy is out. Wait, what?!
-A little Dawn talk.
-We all know Buffy’s going to save the day in the finale anyway.
-Favorite Scenes
-Favorite Lines

Angel season 4, episode 21, “Peace Out”
-Bad CGI on Angel doesn’t bother us as much as it would if this were a current show.
-Gunn is scrappy and determined and we appreciate him.
-Connor has always seen the maggot face. Eww.
-Jasmine hides Cordelia to try and keep them under her spell.
-Utopia or the real world: Which would our hosts choose?
-Connor punches a hole through Jasmine’s head. Bye Gina Torres. We hardly knew ye.
-Ariana reminds us that we have Jasmine to thank for the Cordy-bot, so it makes it easier to say goodbye.
-Are Connor’s days numbered?
-We are happy to trade our suffering for Angel’s at this point. It’s been a rough season.
-Lilah’s back, back, back. Back again. Is it really Lilah, though? Could it be the First?
-Mitch just wants her to be evil.
Angel season 4 is almost over! **Celebration**
-Favorite Scenes
-Favorite Lines

Listener Feedback:
-We are happy to help make workdays feel shorter!
-Feisty Fred is the best Fred.
-If you’re looking for a real vampire soap opera, don’t forget Dark Shadows and Port Charles!

Mitch’s Musings/Ariana’s Answers:
Buffy season 7, episode 20, “Touched”
Angel season 4, episode 22, “Home”

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