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Episode #22 – ‘Veronica Mars’ – 1×11, 1×12: New Boy

Hosted by Danielle, Mitchel, Cailtin, and Gabrielle

September 8, 2013

ReWatchable is here for another episode! We continue our recaps of Veronica Mars in this episode, where we cover 1×11 “Silence of the Lamb” and 1×12 “Clash of the Tritons.”

Episode 1×11: “Silence of the Lamb”

-Mitch accidentally discovers a New Girl guest star.
-Aaron Paul guest starred as Eddie the Worm. What a phallic name.
-Pappa Mars was such a great cop, and made Sheriff Lamb look like a jerk.
-Veronica’s revenge on Clarence Wiedman was a bit disturbing, even though that was her way of taking “an eye for an eye.”
-Mac is back! But wow, this episode started to feel disjointed at this point.
-Madison’s party showed the complete opposite values of the switched at birth families.
-The reference to The Silence of the Lambs was brilliant.

Episode 1×12: “Clash of the Tritons”

-It was sad to see Lynne give in to Aaron’s tyranny. Her suicide will impact Logan similarly to Lilly’s murder.
-Duncan’s reveal that he blacked out for three days during Lilly’s death threw our whodunnit theories all over the place.
-Was Lilly privy to Duncan and Veronica being siblings, and did that lead to her death?
-What pushed Lilly to feel so strongly against Weevil?
-Those guidance counselor moments were character building GOLD.
-There was a deep connection between Rick and his revenge on Keith via Veronica.
-The frat boys of the Tritons gifted us a fabulous Veronica karaoke song.
-Duncan’s mysterious illness will have to be discovered by Veronica eventually.
-Why wasn’t Logan involved in this frat story?
-Mitch wanted there to be a Romeo and Juliet story between Rick and his coma friend.
-We deeply brOTP Logan/Weevil.

-Listener feedback covers switched episode order, more about the unsatisfying Casey ending, and a real life married couple that play husband and wife on the show.


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