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Episode #20 – ‘Veronica Mars’ – 1×07, 1×08: Super Creep

Hosted by Marama, Gabrielle, and Karen

August 25, 2013

ReWatchable is here for another episode! We continue our recaps of Veronica Mars in this episode, where we cover 1×07 “The Girl Next Door” and 1×08 “Like a Virgin.”

Episode 1×07: “The Girl Next Door”

-Marama and Karen are surprised they haven’t been spoiled yet and hate the self-control they have to endure.
-Did we like the episode?
-Do we like Lilly?
-What will it take for Logan to get back into Marama’s good graces?
-Marama pauses for an observation of the fashion on the show.
-We talk about the Mortal Instruments plot line.
-Are they setting up Veronica and Duncan or Veronica and Logan?
-When a plot seems so obvious, does that mean it’s totally out of the window in terms of plausibility?
-We talk about how it’s interesting Veronica is so suspicious of men and yet has an excellent relationship with her father.
-Do we think Lilly was in love with (or at least cared about) Weevil?
-Gabrielle tries to convince us she’s not just here for Logan.

Episode 1×08: “Like a Virgin”

-Did we like episode 1×08 better than 1×07?
-How do we feel about Meg and Mac? Do we think they’ll be back?
-Did they address the slut-shaming enough?
-Do we think what Mac did was ethical?
-What do we think about Abel Koontz?
-Crazy newbie theories time!
-Who do Marama and Karen think killed Lilly?
-Do we like Keith and Veronica’s relationship?
-It’s Wallace appreciation time.
-Do we want Wallace and Veronica’s relationship to stay platonic?


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