ReWatchable is here for another episode! We continue our recaps of Veronica Mars in this episode, where we cover 1×05 “You Think You Know Somebody” and 1×06 “Return of the Kane.”

Episode 1×05: “You Think You Know Somebody”

-Mitch thinks he’s a half-psychic.
-Did Karen think Troy was shady from the beginning?
-More ‘no comments’ from Danielle.
-Does Veronica need a guy?
-Was dating Troy out of character?
-Did Troy really not expect Veronica to catch him?
-Should Veronica have opened the envelope?
-Did you guys catch that the Postal Service song played twice?
-When Karen says “Irish voice,” she totally meant “Russian voice.”
-Danielle admits that at one point during the last episode of ReWatchable, she wasn’t listening to Mitch at all. (Karen can relate.)
-We are hella suspicious of Mrs. Kane.
-Is Mr. Kane looking out for Duncan or is he being too controlling?
-Was it selfish of Veronica to show her father that information about the guidance counselor?
-Sometimes we forget Veronica is still a kid.
-We love Backup! (And we make a Teen Wolf and a Lost reference.)
-[Insert Karen’s apology for her complete lack of knowledge about baseball.]
-Veronica has no time for subtlety.
-Karen convinces Mitch of a new ship.
-Who wants some salt water taffy?

Episode 1×06: “Return of the Kane”

-Karen makes a painfully embarrassing admission. Please don’t judge her.
-We love Duncan Kane.
-Mitch does an impression of Wanda.
-We have some movie recommendations.
-What was Wanda’s purpose?
-Danielle and Karen bond over a Mary Kate and Ashley movie (it’s totally relevant).
-Will we see Sue Sylvester Jane Lynch again?
-Karen has a lot of feelings about Logan, okay?
-Why did Logan set up the homeless boxing ring?
-Did Logan give his father’s money away as an act of rebellion or was it altruistic?
-What exactly do we think about Logan’s father?
-So…that belt scene.
-Does Logan think he needs to be punished by his father?
-Are we meant to honestly believe that Abel Koontz murdered Lilly?


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