Resistance Radio Podcast

Episode #30: Yoda Quotes

Hosted by Mikey and Donya

September 19, 2016

And now for something completely different. On this week’s Resistance Radio, Mikey and Donya are talking Yoda’s best quotes, and some Rogue One shake-ups.

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– We got a clip of Ezra using the Force in the Rebels premiere. We feel uneasy about it, and Donya maybe spoils how the clips ends. Oops.
– Another clip from Rebels introduces the Bendu. We’re definitely intrigued about this character.
– Not enough Rebels? We also got the titles of the first six episodes.
– And in some Rebels-adjacent news, Ashley Eckstein will be narrating the Ashoka novel!
– As for that Rogue One shake-up? Michael Giacchino has replaced Alexandre Desplat as composer.
– We also got an update on that rumored Star Wars TV show, courtesy of Ben Sherwood.
– Apple’s newest software update has brought with it some cool stickers. Well, cool for one of our hosts.
– Excited for Battlefront’s impending Death Star update? They’ve released a trailer and it looks awesome!
– Our Spotlight Topic this week is a little different. We’re discussing Yoda’s top 10 quotes, per
– This will be the first in a two-part Yoda Spotlight.
– We discuss each quote, how it affects us personally, and how it makes us feel about Yoda as a character.

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