Resistance Radio Podcast

Episode #28 – A Tweet for Mace

Hosted by Mikey and Donya

September 3, 2016

Resistance Radio hosts Mikey and Donya are back to preview the latest Star Wars toys, the new Thrawn trilogy covers and put their Spotlight on Mace Windu.

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– The Thrawn Trilogy is getting updated covers and a re-release, but Donya has a very specific issue with the new set.
– Jyn Erso is feeling the love in the first wave of Rogue One collectables. We need that Funko immediately.
– Also getting some love: Star Wars Rebels. Sabine and Kanan are getting 3.75 figures.
– Natalie Portman explained why her son hasn’t seen the Star Wars prequels — and… it’s a pretty valid reason.
– Want to be in with a change to attend a special screening of Rogue One? Check out the ‘Go Rogue’ contest on and enter!
– It’s time for our Spotlight topic. This week, it’s all about Mace Windu.
– There are no canon books for Mace — since the EU was retconned into Legends.
– We discuss Mace Windu’s arrogance and ego on the Council.
– Is he more of a military man than a diplomat?
– Was his decision about Palpatine the last straw that led to Anakin’s fall?
– Did Mace Windu survive that fall? Pablo Hidalgo has an answer for that…

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