Resistance Radio Podcast

Episode #27 – Midi-Chlorians

Hosted by Mikey and Donya

August 28, 2016

Resistance Radio hosts Mikey and Donya return for all the latest goings on in the Star Wars world, and a Spotlight on Qui-Gon Jinn.

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– Gareth Edwards shed some light on just why Rogue One is called Rogue One.
– We got our first look at the 3D glasses for Rogue One. We’re not all that impressed.
– During an interview with Black Girl Nerds Podcast — which comes highly recommended — we learnt more about how the Lucasfilm storygroup came about!
– Kevin Smith made an appearance on The Star Wars Show to defend the prequels — and we have a few words about them ourselves.
– (Want to listen to the Mark Hamill podcast Donya recommended? Check it out here.)
– Thanks to a Star Wars fan, the Rogue One trailer got a very Trek makeover.
– Carrie Fisher compared Donald Trump to a very… prominent Star Wars character when asked. We can’t say we disagree.
– Live in Hollywood? You’re in for a treat! A temporary, Star Wars themed Cantina is coming there soon.
– Do you love the recent coloring book trend? An official Rogue One coloring book is being released!
– Mikey and Donya have a polite disagreement on when an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie should be set, thanks to the Kenobi fan-trailer.
– It’s that time again! This week’s Spotlight is all about Qui-Gon Jinn.
– We discuss Qui-Gon’s position in the Jedi order — a Master, yet not part of the Jedi Council.
– Where, exactly, does Qui-Gon fall in respect to the Force?
– Do we believe that the whole mess with Anakin would have happened had Qui-Gon lived?
– We give some more love to that battle in Phantom Menace.
– Why did Qui-Gon’s body not disappear after the battle with Maul?

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