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Episode #108: Crown Jewels Or Costume Jewelry?

Hosted by Brittany, Karen, Caitlin, and Kristen

April 3, 2017

Brittany, Kristen, Karen and Caitlin discuss Once Upon a Time season 6, episode 15, “A Wondrous Place,” and all the Agrabah-related craziness.

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Once Upon a Time season 6, episode 15, “A Wondrous Place”:

-Thumbs up/thumbs down
-Favorite Quotes
-Caitlin and Karen want more Oded Fehr, and they want him now. Too bad he’s now stuck in a random walking stick display in the Agrabah market.
-The crown jewel of Agrabah looks like a 3 dollar ring from Claire’s, it’s annoying.
-Caitlin has a theory about what the curse must have been like while Agrabah was in the ring.
-We really want more ladies’ nights.
-We could go for gentlemen’s evenings too.
-Just more bonding outside of when the stakes are life or death.
-David did not seem nearly as affected by this news of Hook being the perpetrator of his father’s death as Hook imagined.
-We needed to see David’s reaction, Once Upon A Time. Big loss there.
-Where is Neal, by the way? Who is caring for that child while mom and dad are trading off sides of a sleeping curse.
-Karen has a lot of feels about Aesop the hipster bartender.
-Then Once Upon a Time betrayed her. We better see Aesop again… or else.
-Nice and subtle with the close up on the tear-stained napkin. Thanks guys!
-Gideon has finally stopped acting a fool, and is now black-mailing Emma to get her to kill the Black Fairy. Hey, he can’t make that much progress all at once, people.
-We’re starting to think that the infamous Gideon vs Emma street battle might not be as it seemed. Someone may be impersonating someone else there. It keeps happening.
-Hook is over everyone else and their hang ups and we are so here for it.
-Hook knew that True Love’s kiss would totally fix things. If Aladdin and Jasmine had only listened to him earlier they could have avoided a lot of trouble.
-We appreciated Hook’s need to just get things done.
-And that’s all she wrote! See everyone next week!

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