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Onceable Podcast

Episode #107: Villains Anonymous

Hosted by Karen and Caitlin

March 28, 2017

Karen and Caitlin discuss Once Upon a Time season 6, episode 14, “Page 23,” and Regina’s ultimate fight with her evil self.

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Once Upon a Time season 6, episode 14, “Page 23”:

-It’s a two woman show with the cool kids
-Thumbs up/thumbs down
-Favorite quotes
-We only had two main storylines in this episode
-Captain Swan drama was the B-plot but will have repercussions
-Nemo is a quality father figure for Hook
-Hook almost throws away his memory–and it seemed like a nightmare but the nightmare was yet to come
-Emma is dramatic when she returns the ring
-Hook is running away from his problems again, which is frustrating
-We’re glad he makes the right decision to stay
-His interaction with Snow is adorable: he’s really integrated into that family
-Villainy is an addiction for Hook and he’s working through his issues
-We’d like to see more scenes between Regina and Killian
-Gideon is separating Captain Swan… dun dun dun!
-What is Gideon up to?
-Our A-plot is Regina vs. the Evil Queen
-The Evil Queen still loves Henry, which echoes season 1 Regina
Once Upon a Time is all about love
-It’s a showdown at high noon with swords and cliches
-We liked seeing Tinkerbell again in the flashbacks
-Is Regina out of character when she says she loves the villagers?
-Regina discovers that the person she hates the most is herself
-This discovery doesn’t prompt her to make any changes, though
-Were we expecting Regina to kill the Evil Queen?
-Regina and Killian’s paths are paralleled while Rumpel is off in such a dark corner that he wasn’t on this episode
-Will we see this version of the Evil Queen again?
-Robin’s return was a bit underwhelming
-What do we think Regina’s happy ending will look like?
-Karen wants Regina to find true love while Caitlin thinks her true love comes with a found family
-Next week looks Hook-centric, but Ariel, Jasmine and Aladdin are back as well

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