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Episode #106: It’s Not Going to Happen

Hosted by Brittany, Karen, Kristen, and Caitlin

March 20, 2017

Brittany, Karen, Kristen, and Caitlin discuss Once Upon a Time season 6, episode 13, “Ill-Boding Patterns,” and the problem with trying to redeem Rumpel at this point.

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Once Upon a Time season 6, episode 13, “Ill-Boding Patterns”:

-This is going to be a rough one folks!
-Thumbs up/Thumbs down
-Favorite Quotes
-Avoiding the real issues with this episode, we kick off the discussion with some Zelena-talk.
-She was a force of levity against the overwhelming amount of terrible in this episode.
-When your greatest praise is “surprisingly unproblematic,” you know this episode was bad.
-Zelena doesn’t have a whole lot to stay for, so her wanting to escape makes a lot of sense.
-Moving on to the Robin of it all, does this new incarnation take away from the original version?
-Is this new version of Robin just the showrunners trying to help Regina move on? Is it helping?
-We will be very unhappy if Robin somehow finds happiness with the Evil Queen before Regina gets her happy ending.
-Despite all this craziness, we did like seeing Robin surprise Zelena in her kitchen.
-And let’s get some Captain Swan thoughts in before we go dark.
-Who knew that a proposal could bring such sadness? We definitely love Captain Swan, but the pall over this proposal is not good.
-Let the pirate have his moment, Emma! Frickin’ A!
-A quick Trainspotting break while we avoid discussing Rumpel and Rumbelle as long as possible.
-Redeeming Rumpel at the expense of Baelfire is NOT OKAY. Especially since Bae isn’t here to defend himself.
-The show trying to erase all the bad that Rumpel’s done by inserting bits into the past that make him redeemable is not going to fly with us.
-It almost feels like the writers don’t understand the character they’ve written.
-We love Robert Carlyle as the evil Rumplestiltskin. Just let the character be the villain.
-They are doing a disservice to the character by trying to redeem him at this point.
-You can give a villain a sympathetic backstory without trying to use it to make him “good.”
-We’re a little confused by this sword, too. Is is powerful or powerless?

Listener Feedback:

Is it possible that August was manipulating the storybook to make Hook see himself killing David’s father?

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