Hype Podcast

Episode #100 – Let’s Get Personal

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Marama Whyte, Tariq Kyle, Pamela Gocobachi, Kristen Kranz

May 26, 2016

Hype Podcast’s 100th episode is a special celebration, giving you a more personal host discussion. Enjoy!

Started at the bottom now we’re… still kind of in the sludge? But we love it.

Hype Podcast has 100 episodes under its belt, and we could not be more proud! To celebrate, we decided to gather the crew for a relaxed episode, discussing only a few news stories before diving into casual discussion, answering listener questions and allowing ourselves to go on the tangents we usually have to cut short.

– The Beauty and the Beast trailer premiered this week! It can’t go undiscussed
– Marama is outraged about the big Captain America comics twist. Why couldn’t they have just given him a boyfriend?!
– But Marama loved X-Men: Apocalypse, so it’s all good
– The latest Game of Thrones episode left everyone shocked, except Selina who still hasn’t watched it (so no spoilers!). We ponder if George R.R. Martin ever finish ASOIAF.

The rest of the show:
– We catch up with the hosts: Kristen just moved, Kyle is on the way to fame, and Marama is very prominently not going to any fandom events this summer
– Listener questions! A good one to get us started: If we could make our own TV show, what’d we pick? Marama goes for a femsplaining talkshow, Kristen wants an office musical, and Selina wants a Dark Angel reboot — but really, a Hypable drama is what we all really want!
– Favorite time periods: Do we all want to live in the ’50s just cause it had the least drama?
– Harry Potter! A question about our favorite books and movies sparks a lengthy discussion
– We list our favorite Disney films
– What shows would we like to do Hype Specials about after Gilmore Girls? Maybe Roswell? Or Greek!
– If we could only ever join one fandom… is there any question it wouldn’t be Harry Potter?!
– We reminisce about our teen years spent online in Harry Potter forums
– Comic-Con memories! Has any celebrity ever made us starstruck? (Spoiler alert: Apparently we all tend to embarrass ourselves in front of celebrities a lot)
– If we could bring ONE show back from cancellation, what would it be? Agent Carter, The Whispers and Selfie are some of our choices
– And we end with a very special shoutout!

That’s it! Our 100th episode! But you’re not getting rid of us that easy — please help us celebrate by spreading the word about our podcast, and leave us your comments and questions the usual ways.

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