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‘The 100’ Special #5 – The Season 3 Finale

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Kristen Kranz

May 24, 2016

The 100 season 3 finale was epic! Between Lexa’s return, Clarke’s choice in the City of Light and the reveal about Earth’s future, there’s plenty to discuss on this Hype Podcast Special.

Selina and Kristen are here to break down The 100 season 3 finale, “Perverse Instantiation, Part 1.” We both really enjoyed the episode, and have a lot to say about the City of Light, Polis and Arkadia storylines. Was Lexa’s return and farewell satisfactory? Do we understand Octavia’s decision to kill Pike? Did we think Jasper was going to die? What do you do if you just don’t like Bellamy? All this and more is discussed in the podcast episode!

(Note: We say in this episode that 96% of the Earth will be uninhabitable, it was in fact 94%. We got our numbers mixed up!)

– Did the season 3 finale live up to our expectations?
– Is the threat of the Earth slowly becoming uninhabitable underwhelming or brilliant?
– The opening scene with Clarke and Abby was beautiful
– In the City of Light: LEXA IS BAAACK!
– Did we think her scenes were satisfactory?
– Clarke got to tell her she loved her, and the audience got to say goodbye
– We discuss ALL the religious symbolism of this ep!
– Octavia and Pike: How do we feel about Octavia’s decisions in this episode?
– And what’s next for Octavia (and Indra!) in season 4?
– Everyone survived but Pike! Surprisingly optimistic way to end the season
– Even JASPER survived! Kristen wasn’t convinced he was gonna die like Selina though
– Where will Jasper go from here?
– What about Jaha??
– Kane and Abby = best ship on the show
– Is Murphy now “redeemed” to the point of working with the delinquents?
– Let’s just appreciate Raven being a total tech badass
– What’s next?!
– Selina’s prediction: Season 4 will end with the characters realizing they need to lock themselves in Mount Weather, only there isn’t room for everyone…

Listener feedback:
– Might ALIE still be alive?
– What about the rest of the world’s Grounders and Mountain Men?
– Where’s Miller’s dad?!
– One listener asks Kristen to convince her of why Bellamy is interesting. We wax poetic for 15 minutes about why Bellamy is awesome. Enjoy.

And that’s it! The 100 returns in January 2017, and we hope to bring you some more podcast specials before that time. Until then, check out our other The 100 coverage (like Selina’s season 3 finale review) and listen to our regular Hype Podcast.

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