Hype Podcast

Episode #86 – A HypaPoe Party with Joey Richter and Mary Kate Wiles

Hosted by Marama Whyte, Selina Wilken, Pamela Gocobachi, Mary Kate Wiles, Joey Richter

February 9, 2016

Hype Podcast is joined by special guests Mary Kate Wiles and Joey Richter, who discuss their current projects Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party and Spies Are Forever, and chime in on the latest entertainment news stories including the Captain America: Civil War and X-Men: Apocalypse Super Bowl trailers, Beyoncé, and Rupert Grint’s comments about Ron and Hermione…

How We Hype:
– Marama is all about Serial, but Joey and Mary Kate aren’t digging season 2
– Pam has been living it up in SF, home of SuperBowl 50
– Selina is catching up on Gilmore Girls at breakneck speed, since we’re recording our first Special on Saturday!
– Joey and Mary Kate introduce their exciting Kickstarter project, Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party
– Joey’s beard game is on point
– There are lots more exciting Poe Party guests yet to be announced
– They’re also excited about their spy musical Spies Are Forever
– Did you know you can get a .diamonds URL?

– Beyoncé: The Louis C.K. of the music industry?
Captain America: Civil War trailer has us excited… and worried
– Are the superhero comics the closest America has to its own mythology?
– Are Mary Kate and Joey Team Cap or Team Iron Man?
– Captain America: Husband material
– Super Bowl trailers for movies we don’t need: Alice Through the Looking Glass and Jungle Book top the list
The Good Wife is ending after seven seasons. Mothers of the worlds, beware
– There’s an X-Men spinoff series coming with Dan Stevens and Aubrey Plaza! #daymade
– Joey and Mary Kate are both Orange is the New Black fans!
– Spreading the word about a documentary project we’re super enthused about: The Eagle Huntress.

TV Show of the Week:
– Joey is watching The Walking Dead, Veep, and HBO’s Vinyl
– Mary Kate is still watching iZombie, and recently started watching The Americans.

Listener Feedback:
– Since we have Joey Richter — a.k.a. “The Cheapest Ron Weasley” — on the show, we get his thoughts on whether Ron/Hermione are still together
– You guys are really excited about the Gilmore Girls specials! We love the enthusiasm
– Pam shares her dream Carpool Karaoke
– We discuss the new Pottermore Sorting Hat Quiz and reveal whether our Houses have changed. Guess what Houses Joey and Mary Kate are in!

Make sure you visit Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party‘s Kickstarter page and see all the awesome perks you get for backing Mary Kate Wiles and Joey Richter’s new project! Follow them on Twitter @MKWiles and @JoeyRichter, and follow @ShipwrckdComedy for Poe Party updates!

Also visit SpiesAreForever.diamonds (love the URL) for info about the performances, and follow Joey’s comedy group @TinCanBros as well while you’re at it.

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