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‘The 100’ Special #1 – Season 3 Premiere Review

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Tariq Kyle, Kristen Kranz, Karen Rought

January 24, 2016

Hype Podcast’s latest Special is all about one of our favorite shows, The CW’s The 100! Our panel of superfans dissect the season 3 premiere episode “Wanheda, Part 1,” and look ahead to the rest of the season.

– We start by introducing ourselves and recalling how we became The 100 fans
– Diving into our “Wanheda” discussion, we tackle the timejump: Yay or nay?
– We all like Bellamy’s new girlfriend (even our resident Bellarke shipper is on board)
– Raven and Wick are done forever, much to Kyle’s chagrin
– Linctavia is also on the outs, with Lincoln joining the Arkadians and Octavia wanting to be Trikru
– The road trip was a much-needed break from all the angst, and we loved seeing Raven smile
– Miller has a boyfriend, which is awesome (but it’s not Monty, to Selina’s regret)
– No one’s regretting the fact that Farm Station might have made it to the ground, however. This opens up exciting new possibilities!
– Jasper is catatonic after the events of Mount Weather, and almost gets himself killed. Does his development make sense?
– Do we think Jasper might intentionally put his friends in danger in future episodes?
– “Wanheda means family…” oh wait, not so much
– Clarke and Niylah had a MEAT-CUTE. Get it?!?
– Mini shipping discussion: Ship ALL the ships!
– Through old Lost- style hatch videos, we learn more about A.L.I.E.
– Murphy time! Have we all learned to love him, or are his crimes impossible to forgive?
– The best listener theory of all time solves the mystery of the City of Light
– We fall into a Jaha discussion and can’t get out: Does anyone like the poor guy?
– Looking ahead, we’re excited to see Clarke meet up with everyone else again, Lexa, the Ice Queen, Kabby, more City of Light reveals… and we’re super worried about Jasper.

Let us know in the comments whether you’d like to hear more The 100 podcast content on Hypable.com! Also share your thoughts and theories about the season 3 premiere, and tell us what developments you’re most looking forward to.

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