Hype Podcast

Episode #85 – Ron and Hermione Forever

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Marama Whyte, Pamela Gocobachi

February 4, 2016

This week’s Hype Podcast briefly turns into MuggleCast as we talk J.K. Rowling’s new wizarding school, a Cursed Child book and Rupert Grint’s ill-informed Ron/Hermione comments.

We also espouse the wonders of Agent Carter, and discuss the Gilmore Girls revival news. We’ve also got a very special announcement for all the Gilmore Girls (present and future) fans in the audience!

How We Hype:
– Pam and Marama do a mini-review of Grease! Live
– Marama has finally seen Steve Jobs, and liked it
– Pam has listened to Zayn’s “Pillow Talk.” Was it a hit? Listen and find out!

– J.K. Rowling reveals 4 wizarding schools, in order of importance: Castelobruxo, Mahoutokoro, Uagadou, and oh yeah, Ilvermorny
– Rupert Grint breaks all our hearts, claims that Ron and Hermion got divorced. Ummmmmm nope.
– The first Fantastic Beasts behind-the-scenes footage is *magical*
– Publishers are allegedly in a bidding war for Cursed Child. Should the script be released before the show is recorded?
Gilmore Girls is officially coming back!!!!!!!
– But is Melissa McCarthy not back as Sookie?!
– Paramount is developing a Nickelodeon super movie with all your 90s faves
– Ricky Whittle joins American Gods as Shadow Moon. Yay, but what about The 100
– James Corden to host 2016 Tony Awards
– Elizabeth Banks cast as Power Rangers villain. Which Power Ranger would WE all be?!

TV Show of the Week:
Agent Carter is the best of the best of the best, and why are you not watching it PAMELA?
– Another week, another The 100 gushing session! It’s not so much fun when none of your co-hosts have seen it yet…
– Selina is unexpectedly intrigued by Legends of Tomorrow. Is it worth your (and specifically Marama’s) time?
The People vs O.J. Simpson is surprisingly good.

In Listener Feedback we share some emails and comments about The Force Awakens, The 100, Wentworth (again!), and Arrow.

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