Glee Chat Podcast

Episode #40 – Mitch’s Web

Hosted by Mitchel Clow, Jessica Chapman

August 6, 2012

After taking a quick hiatus, Mitch and Jess banned together to give you another fabulous podcast of Glee Project rehash for the past two episodes, along with exciting Glee season 4 news!

  • Starting off with 2×08 “Tenacity”, Mitch and Jess discuss the impossibilities of the obstacle course music video set up for the Glee Project contestants.
  • Since Ali won (for a second week in a row!), she had to do the most difficult part of the music video for “Eye of the Tiger”. Seems like a nice reward, huh?
  • The bottom three was made up of the struggling Michael, the boisterous Lily, and the often distraught Abraham.
  • Abraham stormed onto the stage after his performance to let the judges know that he wasn’t going to go home until he won. He was soon eliminated.
  • Episode 2×09 “Romanticality” offered up the man formally known as Darren Criss as the guest mentor.
  • Mitch disagrees with Jessica when asked which couple should have won for the group performance of “More Than Words”. Was acting as a same-sex couple grounds for receiving more praise?
  • With Blake winning, he (and in turn, his music video partner Ali) were given a feature in the “We Found Love” video. It was funny seeing Principal Higgins guest star!
  • And thus began Shanna’s downfall. Even though she’d been nearly perfect before, she messed up a few times this week, giving the mentors means to pick on her.
  • The bottom three is announced, and Mitch and Jess are very shocked that Michael wasn’t included. So was Shanna, especially when she joined forerunners Aylin and Blake in the bottom three.
  • Blake did okay on “Losing My Religion”, Aylin was mellow on “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”, but Shanna KILLED “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson. Unfortunately, the mentors thought differently, and eliminated Shanna.
  • Since there was two weeks worth of news, it was broken up into categories: casting, misc., and spoilers.
  • Glee Chat fan of the week is once again named! Listen in to see if it was you!
  • Mitch and Jess go into multiple tirades about singing teenager musicals and the wonders of children’s television programs.

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