Glee Chat Podcast

Episode #36 – Catching Fire

Hosted by John Thrasher and Jessica Chapman

June 24, 2012

Almost everyone on Glee Chat is on vacation, busy, or about to be on vacation but we have an all new episode for you this week!

This week it’s just John and Jessica rehashing the latest episode of The Glee Project and all the latest Glee-related news! Here’s what you can look forward to hearing on this week’s episode:

  • It’s just John and Jess this episode!
  • We rehash The Glee Project 2×03 “Vulnerability”
  • John finds Nellie’s voice to be one of the most stand-out this season
  • Jess thinks that Cory Monteith was fantastic as a mentor on this episode
  • Jess reminds us that it’s hard to assess the studio sessions when we can’t hear what the contestants hear in their headphones
  • What’s with Mario’s ‘tude!?
  • John reminds everyone about how great Aylin’s voice is!
  • We praise Blake and Lily for really opening up about their experience with bullying – bravo
  • We talk about our experiences with bullying including another story where John accidentally threw a basketball at someone’s face.
  • If Richard had a problem with Charlie stealing Mario’s cane, why was it used in the final video?
  • Was Charlie’s choice to snatch the cane right or wrong? Was it dangerous as Richard said?
  • We give a round of applause to the Glee Project cast
  • We talk about the bottom 3 and their last chance performances – one of them stood out to us a lot.
  • John will be on the lookout for Glee season 4 filming in NYC in July
  • Glee season 4 will premiere in September
  • We pull our hair out about Glee’s season 4 hiatus coming this fall
  • We talk about Adam Levine coming to Glee – John goes on a rant about how awesome he is.
  • We briefly talk about what parts we see Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson doing in season 4.
  • Glenn Beck is trying to create an anti-Glee show – you can guess what our response is
  • John talks about the girl who wasn’t sold an iPad because the Apple employee heard her speaking Farsi
  • We talk about Naya Rivera wanting to play Johanna in the book-to-movie adaptation of Catching Fire
  • John is going to be at San Diego Comic-Con! Are you? Come to the Glee panel with him!

BONUS: John has baking on the brain

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