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Episode #32 – ‘Veronica Mars’ 2×09, 2×10: Soap Opera

Hosted by Danielle, Gabrielle, Marama and Caitlin

November 17, 2013

ReWatchable is back to discuss Veronica Mars season 2, episode 9 “My Mother, the Fiend” and season 2, episode 10 “One Angry Veronica.”

Veronica Mars season 2, episode 9 “My Mother, the Fiend”

-Marama makes her triumphant return!
-Why didn’t Duncan tell his parents that he was dating Veronica?
-What’s with the horrible parents on this show (other than Keith, that is).
-Beaver’s intelligence pleasantly surprised us.
-The Casablancas screen time in season 2 is a little left field.
-It’s so fun to see Buffy actors meet up on this show.
-The power grab by Principal Clemmons was sneaky!
-Trina is SO her father’s daughter to see the positive in being tricked by Veronica.
-How is Logan so “go with the flow” with Weevil?
-Meg’s pregnancy was very troupey. As was the health class looking after the baby plot.
-How was Meg that pregnant already?

Veronica Mars season 2, episode 10 “One Angry Veronica”

-Duncan’s reaction to Meg’s pregnancy was out of character.
-Meg’s being written off felt really abrupt.
-Putting Veronica on jury duty was cleaver and interesting!
-Marama thinks that the sassy juror lady needs her own spinoff.
-Keith and Lamb teaming up again was funny, but Lamb is still really frustrating.
-Leo’s exit was kind of a let down for his character.
-Did Logan think through what was going to happen if her burnt those tapes?
-Can we love Logan outside of LoVE?
-Logan calling Keith “dude” was disappointing.
-Wallace returns! We’re okay with him simply saying “Happy New Year.”
-We reconcile to admit that Veronica Mars is a soap opera of sorts.


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