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Episode #33 – ‘Veronica Mars’ 2×11, 2×12: Shakespeare

Hosted by Danielle, Mitchel, and Ariana

November 24, 2013

ReWatchable is back to discuss Veronica Mars season 2, episode 11 “Donut Run” and season 2, episode 12 “Rashard and Wallace Go To White Castle.”

Veronica Mars season 2, episode 11 “Donut Run”

-Multiple Danielles take over the beginning of the show.
-Veronicas breakup ritual was all too fabulous.
-Was it all right for the teens to make such large life decisions? And to steal a baby?
-Mitch thinks that Duncan is bound to come back.
-Why did Celeste’s personal assistant help out with stealing the baby?
-What was up with Duncan’s lame password?
-Was this baby stealing storyline even effective, with the characters doing so many out of character things?
-Danielle talks about an extreme deleted scene that’ll change your perspective of how this show could’ve gone.
-Will Keith be able to trust Veronica ever again? Why was this the last straw for his trust?
-We all have a Dick love fest.

Veronica Mars season 2, episode 12 “Rashard and Wallace Go To White Castle”

-Didn’t Gia realize that something was going on after her dad told her not to ride the bus?
-Weevil’s fall from power was sudden and harsh.
-Why did Thumper kill Felix?
-Who’s Curly, and what’s his significance to the bus crash?
-We’re glad that Wallace has a life of his own outside of Veronica, even if it does involve a hit and run!
-Jackie is using her powers for good, not evil.


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