Glee Chat Podcast

Episode #32 – Goodbye Season 3 and Megan

Hosted by John Thrasher, Roxanne Clark, Coty Chanley, Mitchel Clow, Natalie Fisher, Jessica O'Neal and Megan Stoll

May 26, 2012

It’s the season finale recap episode and also Megan’s last episode as a full-time member of Glee Chat. Join all 7 of the Glee Chat hosts as they rehash the episode 3×22 “Goodbye.”

The Glee season finale had a mixed reaction by fans this year, and it was similar with all 7 hosts on Glee Chat. Check out what you can expect from this mega long episode:

  • It’s Megan’s last show! :(
  • What classic 90s TV show does Natalie not know anything about?
  • Natalie and Megan disclose big secrets about their teeth!
  • We read some of the Hypable.com comments about the season finale
  • We rip apart Will Schuester’s terrible singing in “Forever Young.”
  • Why do some of the members glide through the halls like Voldemort?
  • Were the flashbacks inserted for the lowest common denominator of people watching?
  • Did anyone else catch Sam’s smolder look to Kurt when he was singing?
  • Which one of the hosts called their college to ask if they got accepted just like Rachel?
  • We accurately predicted Mercedes’ fate!
  • John’s friend goes to Alvin Ailey and he apologizes for missing his recital.
  • Natalie thinks Santana is delusional about Brittany.
  • Where was Pitbull this season?
  • Roxanne and Natalie want the show to go back to Dalton next season.
  • John asks Siri what the meaning of life is, and what she thought of the season finale. Also, what she is wearing.
  • We react to Will telling Finn about the pot situation from season 1.
  • Roxanne doesn’t understand Finn’s devotion to his father.
  • Now that Quinn and Puck are kissing up on each other, does that mean Joe Hart will disappear and how will they deal with Damian and Samuel next season?
  • How will season 4 be dealing with the multiple locations of the characters if they’re staying on the show?
  • We all talk about our graduations and how none of them were rock operas like Glee’s!
  • There’s a big debate about Kurt getting in to NYADA and what exactly his dreams actually were.
  • Are Kurt’s real dreams to be in the fashion industry as a professional or was he meant to be a star?
  • Oh. Santana is going to New York? Okay. Cool.
  • Was it the right decision for Finn and Rachel to break up?
  • We talk about Lindsay Pearce’s comments about not returning to Glee in season 4.
  • We react to Ryan Murphy’s comments about nobody leaving the show.
  • We talk about the cast’s summer plans.
  • We all give our details about our summer plans.
  • Natalie is going to be a part of another Hypable podcast this summer called WhoHype – all about the British TV show “Doctor Who.”
  • Natalie has a fun summer project regarding Glee seasons 1 and 2!
  • John reads some Glee Chat fans’ goodbye messages for Megan sent in from Twitter!
  • Megan says goodbye and we have a special ending just for her! We’ll miss you, Megan!

A special huge thank you to Megan for being a part of our show for 32 episodes! She has been a huge asset to the show and has so many adoring fans! Be sure to send Megan your love in the comments below or directly on Twitter @Megan_Stoll. The door is always open for Megan’s return!

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