Glee Chat Podcast

Episode #35 – Blaineception

Hosted by John Thrasher, Mitchel Clow, Jessica Chapman

June 13, 2012

Mitch, John and (a very technically challenged) Jess are on this week’s “The Glee Project” rehash! The group had a lot of fun discussing who was eliminated this week, along with discussing plenty of exciting “Glee” news!

  • John introduces Jess for the third time in a row, due to some technical difficulties.
  • We enter into a Glee Project rehash that is very Aylin-centric.
  • Mario was getting a little bit sassy early on in the process. Is this going to come back to haunt him later on?
  • In a twist none of us saw coming, we were sad to see that Taryn decided to leave “The Glee Project” for personal reasons. John reads her tweets to her fans.
  • Samuel Larsen is the guest mentor this episode-although it was definitely a “blink and you’ll miss it” kind of deal!
  • Abraham wins the homework assignment for this week’s theme: “Danceability”. However, when it comes time to film the music video, his skills begin to fall short.
  • Aylin gets frisky with both Blake and Charlie during the spin the bottle sequence. Mitch theorizes that she may be flirting in order to gain back the interest of the creative team.
  • We began to sense that Dani would be in the bottom three this week from everyone’s comments about her during the music video for LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem”.
  • Jess’s computer wasn’t working properly, so she unfortunately had to drop out for the remainder of the podcast.
  • Even though the creative team was picking apart the contestants’ performances, we couldn’t see too much that was bad in the final cut of the music video-kudos to the show’s video editor!
  • The bottom three included Lily, with a very womanly “Man I Feel Like a Woman” performance, Tyler, with an improved performance of Elton John’s “Daniel”, and a lackluster Dani on Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide”.
  • Dani is eliminated, and Mitch admits that perhaps “The Glee Project” wasn’t the right show for what she has to offer.
  • News cover many exciting topics, including:
    -Some of the Glee cast mentors for the remainder of the season
    -An interview with Ryan Murphy about former Glee Project winners coming back for Glee season 4
    -A possibility of Lea Michelle being in a remake of “Dirty Dancing”
    -The announcement of a release date and very expensive pricetag for the Glee season 3 DVD and Bluray sets
  • The listener challenge Mitch mentioned last week is now official! Entries will be accepted until June 30th at noon EST! Send all submissions to [email protected] . Listen in for more details on how YOU could be a guest co-host on an episode of Glee Chat!
  • In response to the positive feedback we received over our Klaine Christmas scene last week, we’re requesting for you to send in fanfiction for us to read on air! Remember, if it’s not appropriate enough to air on Glee, we most likely won’t choose it. Listen in for more details on submissions!
  • We end the show by announcing our Glee Chat fan of the week!

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