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Episode #259: ‘Angel’ 5×05 and 5×06 – La Croix Lilah

Hosted by Caitlin, Maj, Ariana, and Danielle

April 12, 2018

Join ReWatchable as we discuss Angel 5×05, “The Life of the Party,” and Angel 5×06 “The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco.”

Superfan: Caitlin and Maj
Newbies: Ariana and Danielle

Fun Facts:
Danielle Wine Pizza is addicted to romance novels. Ariana has some Aztec roots wayyyyy deep down the line. Maj is a Wrestlemania fan. And Caitlin is buying Hamilton tickets.

Angel season 5, episode 5, “The Life of the Party”:
Angel retconned two full seasons of its own show.
-If Fred can re-corporealize Spike… why can’t she wake up Cordy from her coma??!!
-Lorne is trying to be the face of the brand.
-Of course when Lorne Hulks out he’s still in a suit.
-Fred and Wes are such cute goofy drunks.
-We have so much more information than the characters do at this point as to their own personal lives.
-Gunn finally feels fulfilled.
-Season 5 of Angel feels like Season 7 of Buffy: a lot of unfulfilled potential.
-But nonconsensual sex is never cute on TV.
-Harmony dancing alone is our patronus.
-Favorite Scenes
-Favorite Lines

Angel season 5, episode 6, “The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco”:
-Angel finally meets a Mexican.
-This show is def written by a lot of white people…
-Angel has no confidant right now… and it’s kind of all his fault.
-No one wants Angel’s heart. Literally.
-Who does the Shanshu prophecy actually refer to??
-Fred has now been linked to every straight man in the credits. Cool.
-Angel gets his groove back?
-But is this story even working?
-Moral dessert!
-At least the morally questionable mind-wipe is being brought up.
-It was kind of weird.
-Favorite Scenes
-Favorite Lines

Listener Feedback:
-Angelus is a sap underneath it all.
-Spike’s 100th episode!
-There is still time for some dumpster love.
-Buffy should maybe plan a little better… fair point.

Ariana’s Answers/Danielle’s Deliberations:
Angel season 5, episode 7, “Lineage”
Angel season 5, episode 8, “Destiny”

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