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Ten headlines we’re desperate to read in 2015

There is a whole year of fandom excitement ahead, but what stories are we crossing all our fingers and toes for?

Here at Hypable, we can get excited about most things – but there are some stories we are desperately hoping to see in 2015. Even better, there is a chance that we could actually see these headlines come true in 2015, and here’s why.


Why it’s feasible: Sony just doesn’t seem to know how to handle this audience-favourite character. The Amazing Spider-Man 3 has already been pushed to 2018 and the studio is fishing for anything to do with the franchise. The Sony hacks have put the studio in a bad place, and also revealed talks between the besieged studio and Marvel about a crossover. With Captain America: Civil War approaching, there has never been a better time for Marvel to negotiate their way to Spider-Man.


Why it’s feasible: As is the trend with book-to-film adaptations, the final book in the Divergent trilogy is currently set to be split into two films to be released in 2016 and 2017. However, Insurgent director Robert Schwentke is only attached to Allegiant, Part 1 and Lionsgate are refusing to comment on Part 2. One reason could be that the studio has rethought their decision to (unnecessarily) split the final book in two – and will opt instead for one action-packed film rather than two protracted ones.


Why it’s feasible: Marvel’s Phase 3 has many exciting aspects, but one criticism the studio continues to face is the lack of female-helmed superhero movies. Now Warner Bros. has Wonder Woman, this would be the perfect time for Marvel to add a Black Widow movie to their slate. We already have Captain Marvel – but there’s no reason we shouldn’t have both. Marvel like to plan in advance, but if they were ever going to add on a last minute inclusion, this film would be it.


Why it’s feasible: When Gilmore Girls was released on Netflix earlier in 2014, it became quickly evident that this series is still beloved by fans old and new. With creator Amy Sherman-Palladino no longer at work on Bunheads, and star Lauren Graham freed of her Parenthood commitments, there has never been a better time for the cast and creative team to reunite, Veronica Mars-style, for a film.


Why it’s feasible: Martin is famously an author who refuses to be rushed (it took him five years to write 2011 release A Dance with Dragons). However, Game of Thrones is quickly catching up to Martin. Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have said they will finish the story even if they beat Martin to it, which may be the motivation the author needs to set a release date for the sixth instalment (we hope).


Why it’s feasible: The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit director is obsessed with special features and extended editions. Why not go the other way for once, and give (some) fans what they really want – a single, cohesive Hobbit film that adapts Tolkien’s story, without the bonus B-plots Jackson chose to incorporate. As this is likely Jackson’s last opportunity to work in the world of Middle Earth, we wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to drag it out for as long as he possibly could.


Why it’s feasible: A book adaptation of a film adaptation of a companion book? Go with it. Rowling already has the story planned out and Warner Bros. are keen to turn Fantastic Beasts into a major franchise – so why not increase the hype with novelisations of each film published after the film’s release? Yes, we would already know what happens, but the books could include all the tiny details Rowling couldn’t squeeze into the films. She has always said she could return to the Potter books if she thought of a really interesting story, and it sounds like Newt’s adventures might be just that.


Why it’s feasible: As we saw with her surprise album, Beyoncé likes nothing more than to do the unexpected – and this would certainly be unexpected. With all the reunions of ’90s and early 2000s bands in recent years, it would not be totally unprecedented. We have all seen the Superbowl performance, but now we want the real thing. It’s time for Queen Bey to revisit her roots with Kelly and Michelle.


Why it’s feasible: Star Wars is dear to million of fans. After the disappointment of the prequels, many are apprehensive about director J.J. Abrams’ take on their favourite characters. The trailer released in November 2014 did much to assuage these fears, and it is very likely The Force Awakens will be a fantastic film, worthy of the beloved characters and story.


Why it’s feasible: We’re just going to say the thing that you’re not meant to say: this film might be better than the book. Many fans of The Hunger Games series found Mockingjay the most disappointing book in the trilogy. By splitting the book into two parts, the filmmakers were given the opportunity to address the pacing issues of the book. If Mockingjay, Part 2 can hit the emotional notes of Part 1 and incorporate the added action scenes in the second half of the book, there is a very good chance that this could fix all of Mockingjay‘s faults.

Your turn!

What headlines are you hoping to read in 2015? Let us know in the comments!

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