12:00 pm EST, January 1, 2015

Ten headlines we’re terrified of reading in 2015

Another new year of fandom thrills and disappointments is upon us! Which stories are we absolutely dreading reading?

While we tend to get excited about many things that are announced in any given year, there are always those headlines that make us go crazy in all the wrong ways.

Here are the headlines we think we may be reading in 2015, and why, yes, these CAN come true.


Why it’s feasible: No one expected Pixar to announce Toy Story 4 after the third film in the series ended so perfectly in 2010. 4 could introduce a new arc, new characters, and a new world which could be used in another two films.


Why it’s feasible: Lionsgate, one of the smallest (but still big) Hollywood studios, holds one of the biggest franchises of the decade. Why let The Hunger Games go after four films? We know they’re looking to expand the franchise into theme parks and stage shows, so why not another movie? We think they’d go with prequels because there are endless Games that you could make feature length films out of. We believe Finnick would be the best choice because everyone loves that guy (but, while Sam Claflin is nice to look at, they’d probably pick a new and younger guy to play him in a prequel).


Why it’s feasible: In 2014 we learned that Hello Kitty is not a cat, according to the company who owns her. With a documentary about Big Bird set to be released in early 2015, one has to wonder if another eye-opening profile on an iconic character will unveil a similar unwanted revelation.


Why it’s feasible: Without subsidizing the cost through the cable company, HBO may need to charge more than $10-$15/month for access to their programming. While we honestly don’t believe they’ll go much higher than $20 because they’ll want to compete with Netflix, it’s not crazy to imagine a premium price for a premium cable channel.


Why it’s feasible: Benedict Cumberbatch is a busy man. Earlier this month he signed with Marvel to become Doctor Strange, meaning he’s about to become a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’s committed himself to multiple Strange movies, and there’s always the chance he could make cameos in other films like The Avengers. Between Marvel movies and smaller films, this guy is going to have a lot going on. Don’t expect Sherlock to ever become a series that premieres a new season each year.


Why it’s feasible: As far as new Harry Potter content goes, right now J.K. Rowling only unveils tidbits about her wizarding series via Pottermore and, more recently, her personal Twitter account. In a last ditch effort to make Pottermore a huge hit, the website could be the exclusive home of the long-awaited encyclopedia. “It’ll be so easy to search for the information you want! You can find anything, like Dumbledore’s favorite sock color, in two clicks of the mouse,” Rowling will argue. We’ve waited so long for this baby, so seeing it exclusively in a digital format would sting.


Why it’s feasible: Frozen played a huge role in the first half of Once Upon a Time season 4. What hit Disney film will the show play with next? How about a recent movie which is beloved by kids? Yep – Hiro and Baymax could make it into Once Upon a Time.


Why it’s feasible: Since The Hobbit just ended, Warner Bros. is surely looking for new ways to dive into Middle Earth… again. If Spider-Man could get a reboot ten years after the original, why couldn’t J.R.R Tolkien’s classic novel get one fifteen years after?


Why it’s feasible: Edgar Wright left Ant-Man after eight years of working on the project. It sent shockwaves through the Marvel fandom. Many are still very worried about how this film is going to turn out with a new director at the helm. Could it be the studio’s first major flop? It’s not out of the realm of possibility.


Why it’s feasible: Stephen Colbert made a name for himself on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report thanks to the conservative character that he created. What will the “real” Colbert be like? We’re sure he’ll have a great smile and an upbeat attitude and make great references to The Lord of the Rings, but will his sense of humor be as great as what we fell in love with on Comedy Central? Time will tell.

We apologize if any of these headlines made you experience bad heart palpations. Consider these predictions and feelings a warning for how scary Hollywood can be.

Your turn!

What headlines are you terrified of reading in 2015? Let us know in the comments!

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