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All the ‘Percy Jackson’ trivia you’ll ever need for your next party

If you’re looking for some Percy Jackson trivia for your next godly gala, then you’ve come to the right place!

There are a lot of different ways to celebrate your love of Percy Jackson, but not all of them are also an ideal way to show off just how smart you are.

Luckily, our Percy Jackson trivia questions are geared toward all types of players. We have three levels: The Seaweed Brain questions are for casual fans, the Wise Girl questions are for those who have read the books a few times, and the Rick Riordan questions are for Percy’s greatest admirers.

Most of the questions will come from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, but you can expect some from both the Heroes of Olympus and Trials of Apollo series, too. Oh, and don’t rule out the bonus reading materials like the short stories.

If it’s got Percy Jackson in it, it’s fair game!

Out of respect for the author, however, we only included ONE question about the movie adaptations.

percy jackson birthday

Seaweed Brain level — Easy Percy Jackson trivia

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1. What color food does Percy’s mother always make him?
2. Who is Percy’s father?
3. What building in New York City currently houses Mt. Olympus?
4. What is Annabeth’s last name?
5. What is the name of the camp Percy goes to every summer?
6. What creature did Percy kill right before he crossed the camp’s threshold in book one?
7. What beverage does Mr. D drink instead of wine?
8. What is the name of the first book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series?
9. What kind of creature is Grover, Percy’s best friend?
10. Who wrote Percy Jackson and the Olympians?
11. What nickname did Annabeth give Percy?
12. How many movies did they make out of the Percy Jackson series?
13. How old is Percy when we first meet him?
14. When a godly parent claims their child, where does their symbol appear?
15. What is Clarisse’s father the god of?
16. What divine item of clothing did Luke give Percy for his quest?
17. Who is the god of the Underworld?
18. How does Chiron disguise himself around humans?
19. What non-magical item does Percy’s sword turn into?
20. What professional baseball team is featured on Annabeth’s hat?
21. What is the name of Percy’s one-eyed half-brother?
22. What Greek god got his own book series?
23. What must every hero do before they go on a quest?
24. What god welcomes all unclaimed campers into his cabin?
25. Which god does his best work in the belly of a volcano?
26. What is the name of Percy’s favorite Pegasus?
27. What kind of mechanical creature is Festus?
28. What is the name of the Roman camp that’s equivalent to Camp Half-Blood?
29. Who cuts open stuffed animals in order to read omens?
30. How many books are in the first Percy Jackson series?
31. What is the name of the supernatural force that keeps mortals from seeing supernatural occurrences?
32. Who is the titular Son of Neptune?
33. Who is Jason’s older sister?
34. Which two demigods brought Annabeth to Camp Half-Blood?
35. What kind of tree did Zeus turn Thalia into?
36. Who is Leo currently dating?
37. What is Coach Hedge’s first name?
38. What does Mrs. Dodds turn into when she separates Percy from his classmates?
39. What is Mr. Brunner’s real name?
40. What item does Percy need to return to Zeus?
41. Who is the true owner of Aunt Em’s Garden Gnome Emporium?
42. What type of dog is the Chimera disguised as?
43. What is located beneath DOA Recording Studios?
44. Where was Kronos being held before he was unleashed?
45. Every child of Athena suffers a deep fear of what creature?
46. At the end of the first book, who does Grover leave Camp Half-Blood in search of?
47. How do gods and demigods communicate with each other?
48. Which gods are known as the Big Three?
49. What kind of nymph is Juniper?
50. What is the name of Tyson’s hippocampus friend?

percy jackson house of hades

Wise Girl level — Medium Percy Jackson trivia

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1. Name all five books in the Heroes of Olympus series in order.
2. What was Gabe’s distinguishing feature?
3. What is Percy and Annabeth’s official ship name?
4. What is the name of Percy’s sword?
5. What is the name of Annabeth’s cousin who has his own book series?
6. What kind of animal can Percy commune with?
7. In what book did we first meet Nico di Angelo?
8. What is the name of the hotel that stops you from aging?
9. What is Apollo’s human name?
10. What supercharged game do all campers play to prove their battle readiness?
11. Who created the labyrinth?
12. What is the name of Nico di Angelo’s favorite method of travel?
13. Bob makes Percy promise to say hello to what?
14. How many schools was Percy expelled from over the course of six years?
15. What is Rachel Dare’s middle name?
16. What real-life location has a strong layer of The Mist covering it which causes planes and ships to disappear?
17. What does Camp Half-Blood look like to mortals?
18. During the Demigod Civil War, Bunker 9 was used as a command post for which cabin?
19. Where did Percy first meet Rachel Elizabeth Dare?
20. What’s the name of the hellhound Percy befriends?
21. What mythical object revived Thalia?
22. Who relieves Annabeth of her burden holding up the sky?
23. What is the name of Luke’s ship?
24. Who owns C.C.’s Spa and Resort?
25. Who did Polyphemus try to marry?
26. The hippocampi are a combination of what two animals?
27. What is the name of the ability that Piper uses to get people to do what she wants?
28. What does Tristan McLean do for a living?
29. Who currently leads the Hunters of Artemis?
30. What subject does Mr. Brunner teach?
31. Who is the earthshaker, the stormbringer, the father of horses?
32. What two creatures attack Percy at the top of the Gateway Arch?
33. Where do ordinary souls go after they’ve died?
34. Swearing on what river is the most serious oath you can make?
35. The River Lethe is also known as the river of what?
36. What is the name of the type of metal wielded by gods and demigods?
37. What is the name of the school Percy attends in the first book?
38. Where is the Lotus Hotel located?
39. Don from Camp Jupiter is what kind of creature?
40. Who does Grover have an Empathy Link with?
41. Which of the 12 main cabins at Camp Half-Blood has the least amount of inhabitants?
42. Before renovation, the children of minor gods stayed in which cabin?
43. What is the name of the ability to see through The Mist?
44. What does Meg McCaffrey’s outfit remind Apollo of?
45. Who is the current architect of Olympus?
46. The Colchis Bulls are made from what metal?
47. Who is Charybdis’ sister?
48. What animal did Circe turn Percy into?
49. What is Thalia afraid of?
50. Who does Percy call a stalker with hooves?

percy jackson hidden oracle

Rick Riordan level — Hard Percy Jackson trivia

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1. Who illustrated most of the Percy Jackson book covers?
2. Which Legion is Percy the former Praetor of?
3. Who originated the Broadway role of Percy Jackson?
4. What is Percy’s birthday (month, day, year)?
5. What is Gabe’s last name?
6. What did Gabe smell like?
7. What animal attacked Percy when he was a baby?
8. Why did Percy’s mom name him after Perseus?
9. In what year was Nico di Angelo born?
10. What is the name of the room in Olympus where Percy battles Kronos?
11. How many days did Percy and Annabeth fall into Tartarus?
12. Name two of the three stories within The Demigod Files.
13. According to the prophecy in Titan’s Curse, one shall perish by what?
14. What color was the hairbush that Rachel used to hit the Lord of the Titans in the eye?
15. Which goddess controls The Mist?
16. Where is the “land beyond the gods”?
17. What kind of ship is Argo II?
18. What name did Daedalus use while he was in disguise?
19. Mount Saint Helens replaced which famous mountain as the prison holding Typhon?
20. What is the name of Thalia and Jason’s mother?
21. How old was Annabeth when she first came to Camp Half-Blood?
22. Why did Luke’s mother go insane?
23. What moniker does Atlas go by?
24. How did Zoe Nightshade die?
25. Name three Party Pony chapters that helped out during the Battle of Manhattan.
26. Who is the other daughter of Aphrodite who can use Charmspeak?
27. Finish this line of the prophecy from The Lightning Thief: “You shall go west, and face…”
28. What is Riptide’s Greek name?
29. What name does Apollo take when he disguises himself as a hobo?
30. What area of his body did Luke choose for his weakness after bathing in the River Styx?
31. What is the number used to denote the plan that activates the automatons around NYC?
32. What is the Greek name for Piper’s dagger?
33. Who built the Wolf House?
34. What word does Percy shout at Annabeth to snap her out of the Lotus Hotel’s spell?
35. Which demigod possesses ferrokinesis?
36. What actress does Aphrodite dislike?
37. Percy agreed to write Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes after being bribed with what?
38. What goddess does Percy merge with in The Crown of Ptolemy?
39. What is the full name of Percy Jackson’s little sister?
40. At what milemarker do Percy and the others meet Bacchus outside Topeka, Kansas?
41. What are the names of Annabeth’s twin baby brothers?
42. What kind of creature is Porkpie?
43. Who is described as an orthodontist’s nightmare?
44. What nickname does Percy call Thalia when he’s angry?
45. After calling Hera “Her Majesty, the Loose Canon,” what does the goddess threaten to turn Thalia into?
46. How does Percy describe Hercules?
47. What does braccas meas vescimini mean?
48. When the boy from Colorado wandered into the Hunters’ camp, what animal did Artemis turn him into?
49. Hermes gives Percy a collectible thermos from what television show?
50. Who were the original Athenians?

percy jackson illustrated edition

Percy Jackson trivia answers

Seaweed Brain level (easy)

Jump back to the easy questions.

1. Blue 2. Poseidon 3. The Empire State Building 4. Chase 5. Camp Half-Blood 6. Minotaur 7. Diet Coke 8. The Lightning Thief 9. Satyr 10. Rick Riordan 11. Seaweed Brain 12. Two 13. 12 14. Above their head 15. War 16. Flying/winged shoes 17. Hades 18. In a wheelchair 19. A pen 20. Yankees 21. Tyson 22. Apollo 23. Visit the Oracle 24. Hermes 25. Hephaestus 26. Blackjack 27. A dragon 28. Camp Jupiter 29. Octavian 30. Five 31. The Mist 32. Percy Jackson 33. Thalia Grace 34. Luke and Thalia 35. Pine 36. Calypso 37. Gleeson 38. A Fury 39. Chiron 40. The Master Bolt 41. Medusa 42. Chihuahua 43. The Underworld 44. Tartarus 45. Spiders 46. Pan 47. Iris Message 48. Zeus, Poseidon, Hades 49. Wood nymph 50. Rainbow

Wise Girl level (medium)

Jump back to the medium questions.

1. The Lost Hero, The Son of Neptune, The Mark of Athena, The House of Hades, The Blood of Olympus 2. He was smelly 3. Percebeth 4. Riptide 5. Magnus Chase 6. Horses 7. The Titan’s Curse 8. The Lotus Hotel 9. Lester Papadopoulos 10. Capture the Flag 11. Daedalus 12. Shadow Travel 13. The stars 14. Six 15. Elizabeth 16. The Bermuda Triangle 17. A strawberry field 18. Hephaestus 19. The Hoover Dam 20. Mrs. O’Leary 21. The Golden Fleece 22. Artemis 23. The Princess Andromeda 24. Circe 25. Grover 26. Horse and fish 27. Charmspeak 28. Actor 29. Thalia Grace 30. Latin 31. Poseidon 32. Echidna and the Chimera 33. The Fields of Asphodel 34. The River Styx 35. Forgetfulness 36. Celestial Bronze 37. Yancy Academy 38. Las Vegas 39. A faun 40. Percy 41. Hera’s (zero) 42. Hermes (#11) 43. Clear Sight 44. A traffic light 45. Annabeth 46. Bronze 47. Scylla 48. A guinea pig 49. Heights 50. Grover

Rick Riordan level (hard)

Jump back to the hard questions.

1. John Rocco 2. Twelfth 3. Chris McCarrell 4. August 18, 1993 5. Ugliano 6. Moldy garlic pizza wrapped in gym shorts 7. A snake 8. He’s one of the only heroes to get a happy ending and peaceful death 9. 1932 10. The Hall of the Gods 11. Nine 12. Percy Jackson and the Stolen Chariot, Percy Jackson and the Bronze Dragon, Percy Jackson and the Sword of Hades 13. A parent’s hand 14. Blue 15. Hecate 16. Alaska 17. A flying Greek trireme 18. Quintus 19. Etna 20. Beryl 21. Seven 22. She tried to become the Oracle of Delphi 23. The General 24. Poison 25. South Florida, Texas, Hawaii, New Mexico, Rhode Island, South Dakota and Delaware 26. Drew Tanaka 27. The god who has turned 28. Anaklusmos 29. Fred 30. A small piece of skin just under his left arm 31. 23 32. Katoptris 33. Jack London 34. Spiders! 35. Hazel (power over gems/precious metals) 36. Scarlett Johansson 37. A year’s supply of free pepperoni pizza and numerous blue jelly beans 38. Nekhbet 39. Estelle Blofis 40. 32 41. Matthew and Bobby 42. Pegasus 43. Charybdis 44. Pinecone Face 45. An aardvark 46. The Starbucks of Ancient Greece 47. Eat my pants 48. A jackalope 49. Hercules Busts Heads 50. The Gemini

If you have any Percy Jackson trivia you’d like to share, you can drop it below!

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