2:45 pm EDT, April 22, 2015

‘Outlander’ begins filming season 2

Outlander is finally moving to a new location. Don’t worry, it’s still in Scotland.

Outlander is starting to begin its season 2 filming, and as readers of the books know, there are new places in store for Jamie and Claire. The new locations are in Scotland as well as France.

Executive producer Ron Moore has previously stated that they are going to try to film in Scotland as much as possible, but concedes that something like Prague may have to double as 18th century Paris. Why not Paris itself? The answer is that by and large, Paris no longer looks like 18th century Paris.

Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie Fraser, tweeted earlier in the week:

Just today, writer/producer Matt Roberts and Heughan bantered back and forth (“A charaid” is “my friend” in Scots Gaelic, and “Tulach Ard” is the war cry of Clan Mckenzie):

Filming is expected to last roughly nine months give or take. The series will be returning for season 2 sometime in spring 2016. The showrunners made a deliberate choice of delaying the start of filming so that cast and crew had a bit a of chance to recuperate from the PR whirlwind that has been season 1.

Though the actors are just starting to report to the set, the behind-the-scenes staff has been busy at work. Back in January, costume designer Terry Dresbach was talking about the wonderful collaborative efforts she has had with her team.

At the moment, they are probably still in the early preparation stage of costume fittings, accent training and the like. The thing on many people’s minds are the new cast members. Without spoiling, adult Roger, Brianna, Lord John Grey, young Fergus, and Bonnie Prince Charlie are at the top of most fans’ lists of fantasy casting.

So far, we only have casting news concerning a dog.

They will likely announce new cast members soon, if for no other reason than tabloid press is likely to find out when major new-comers arrive on set. They’ll want to beat the tabloids to the story.

We might get a look at these new characters in costume and a taste of footage at San Diego Comic-Con, which is held July 9-12, 2015. The Outlander official website, social media, and Starz have been promoting a contest for an all expenses paid Outlander-themed fan trip to Comic-Con. It’s unlikely that they’d go through all that trouble unless Outlander was looking to make a big Comic-Con splash.

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