Outlander is back on our TV for season 3, but after seeing episode 1, we have some serious questions.

Don’t get us wrong, we love Outlander. But after season 3, episode 1, we have some questions ranging from the serious to the tongue-in-cheek.

What happened to Murtagh?

We know the fate of most of Jamie’s companions at Culloden. They either died on the battlefield, or they were later shot at the farmhouse. However, Murtagh, Jamie’s godfather and sworn protector, is no place to be found. Can we at least get a flashback of Murtagh dying heroically at Culloden?

Duncan Lacroix, who plays Murtagh, brought such amazing depth to the character last year. He and Fergus practically stole the show. In fact, Lacroix inspired an entire fan movement on Twitter called #SaveMurtagh. There’s also a Twitter community of 6,000 plus members called Murtagh’s Maidens that have been lobbying for him to come back.

Co-executive producer Maril Davis promised Outlander fans in a Twitter Q&A that, “You’ll definitely find out his fate.” We think we can safely speak for all concerned when we say, “Sooner rather than later, please.”

Claire’s hair

Claire’s hair could practically be its own character in the Outlander novels. Claire is always talking about how her curly hair won’t stay pinned back, is always poking out from a cap, is in her face, etc. In short, it’s your typical curly haired girl woes. As a fellow curly girl I get it.

But in looking at many of the PR stills from season 3, Claire seems to be constantly wearing hairstyles that take considerable work, especially for anyone with curly hair. The 1940s-1960s were not exactly known for their curly hair product friendliness. There were no Keratin treatments, there was no moose, or gel. Straightening your hair was time consuming, and darn near impossible.

When did a medical school student, mother of a child, and then surgeon find time to do her hair every day? She lives in humid Boston, this is not a hair friendly place. In all the pre-birth photos we see curly hair Claire, but post-birth, we are definitely talking time consuming hair. Wouldn’t she just have uttered, “Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!” and thrown it in a bun/french twist and said the hell with it?

Frank’s letter

Before Claire came down the stairs last week to tell Frank her water broke, he was in the midst of writing to Reverend Wakefield regarding an investigation into Jamie Fraser. The question is, does Frank ever go back to that letter? Does it become a series of correspondence regarding Jamie?


There are historical records that place Claire along with Red Jamie. Does Frank find those? Being the intrepid historian that he is, does he then discover Claire going back to the past? Does he discover others making the same trip? If so, what if anything does he do about this?

Who else will know Claire’s story?

As of now, eight people: Jamie, Frank, Brianna, Roger, Reverend Wakefield, Mrs. Graham, and Murtagh know about Claire’s trip through the stones. This differs slightly from those that are in the know in the novels. How many others will she tell, or will find out?

In the Outlander novels, this number does expand over time, but in the TV universe things tend to get compacted. Will Jenny and Ian find out from Jamie? Will Claire confide in someone in the present? Will Brianna and Roger talking together be overheard?

All of this makes for good drama. TV can’t afford the slow burn of the books. Will this be a novel to TV change?

Outlander next airs on Sunday at 8:00 ET/PT on Starz.

What ‘Outlander’ questions are you dying to have answered?

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