1:00 pm EST, November 23, 2015

Read an excerpt from ‘Other Broken Things’ by C. Desir

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Other Broken Things is the latest book from C. Desir and touches on addiction and the road to recovery for a teenager. This excerpt depicts the struggles and raw emotion that face people with addiction.

From C. Desir:
I was 14 years old the first time I met someone who spent most of her day drunk. She was in my Computer Science class in high school, and every day I watched her sip from a water bottle that I realized wasn’t orange juice, but rather orange powdered drink and vodka. I couldn’t believe how she managed to function through the day, and more, I couldn’t believe how many people around me ignored it, let her through the system because she was “managing.” I’ve thought about that girl over and over since then, and then I thought about the way we dismiss/ignore addicts. Natalie’s story in Other Broken Things is a story of addiction, bad choices, and ultimately the resilience we can find within ourselves to get back up again when there seems like a million reasons to just stay down.


About C. Desir

Christa Desir writes contemporary fiction for young adults. She’s an avid reader, roller derby enthusiast, Sunday school teacher, romance editor, and podcaster. She lives with her husband, three children, and overly enthusiastic dog outside of Chicago. She has volunteered as a rape victim activist for more than 10 years, including providing direct service as an advocate in hospital ERs. She is a founding member of the Voices and Faces Project, a nonprofit organization for rape survivors that conducts an international survivor-based testimonial writing workshop.

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