Last night’s Academy Awards ceremony was a typical mixed bag of great — and not-so-great — moments. But which moments struck a chord with us one way or another? Find out after the jump!

The Best

#1 Christopher Plummer Finally Wins an Oscar

How cool is this? Not only did Christopher Plummer give a touching performance in Beginners, but the guy is 82, that’s right, 82 years old. Talk about a lifetime achievement Oscar! Not only that, but the guy gives great speeches. Bravo, Academy, bravo!

#2 ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ Upsets Film Editing

I have to be honest, I was very surprised to see this win for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Film Editing notoriously goes to the Best Picture winner, and it wasn’t even nominated. That said, I can’t think of a film more deserving of this award and was absolutely thrilled to be proven wrong on my prediction.

#3 The Bridesmaids Cast Liven Up the Smaller Categories

How funny are these gals? Producer Brian Glazer was pretty smart, in my opinion, of putting these comedic geniuses on the stage during the Shorts awards — which can usually get pretty dull — to spice up the room with their own brand of humor.

#4 Sasha Baron Cohen Embarrasses Ryan Seacrest

Okay. I was a bit skeptical when I heard that Sasha Baron Cohen would be arriving at the Oscars as his character from The Dictator…To me, it seemed like overkill. Boy was I wrong! Cohen seemingly made a B-line for Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet and proceded to embarrass and shock the E! personality by dumping what was supposed to be the ashes of Kim Jong Il all over the stunned Seacrest. Now that’s how you make the pre-show interesting, people.

#5 Bret McKensie and ‘The Muppets’ are Oscar Winners

How awesome is it that half of the Flight of the Conchords is now an Oscar-winner? My love for The Muppets is no secret, but it would be hard to argue that an Oscar win for the film and McKenzie is not well-deserved. This is what the Oscars is all about!

The Worst

#1 “The Artist” Sweeps Major Categories

Yes, The Artist won Best Picture, Director, and Actor. Yes, I predicted all three wins would occur. Yes, I’m mad about it. I enjoyed The Artist, it’s entertaining and sweet. Oscar-worthy? No. The film basically relies on a gimmick and a charismatic lead and puppy. Is the art of it really something special? Not really, and especially not when you compare it with the rest of the field this year. I find it silly that The Artist is apparently the best that cinema has to offer…

#2 Meryl Streep, Not Viola Davis Wins

I understand, Meryl Streep is one of the greatest actresses of our time. I realize that she hasn’t won an Oscar since 1983. But c’mon! Simply handing Streep an Oscar because she played an importnat political figure seems weak. Not to mention the film in question, The Iron Lady, wasn’t even received well. Viola Davis, meanwhile, shined in The Help, and was even honored with the prestigious SAG award. So what gives? I realize this view is not shared by all, but in my eyes this was a low moment for this year’s Oscars. Even Streep recognized this by saying “When they called my name I had this feeling I could hear half of America going ‘Oh no, why?'” You read my mind, Meryl. Nice acceptance speech, though!

#3 No Best Song Performances

While this is old news, the idea of not having the Best Song nominees (read: The Muppets) perform during the Oscars is pretty ridiculous. In my eyes, this is the biggest misstep from the Academy and producer Brian Grazer this year. The missed opportunity of having Kermit, Walter, Jason Segel and even The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons perform live onstage is just a shame. Instead? We get a Cirque Du Soleil performance that has little to do with movies and the Oscars in general.

#4 Emmanuel Lubezki Snubbed Again for Best Cinematography

When is this guy going to get the recognition he deserves? This is the second time that Emmanuel Lubezki has won the top honor at the ASC (American Society of Cinematographers) awards and gone on to lose the Oscar. What gives? Not only is the guy supremely talented, but with each film Lubezki pushes the bill for what can be done on film. He did it with Children of Men, and the same can be said of The Tree of Life. Emmanuel, you have my vote!

#5 The Unfulfilled In Memoriam Segment

How is it that these award shows never seem to put much effort into the “In Memoriam” segments? While Esperanza Spalding did a nice rendition of “What a Wonderful World,” they didn’t seem to put much effort into the actual montage. Which is a shame, as they should have honored the likes of Whitney Houston, Peter Falk, Steve Jobs, and Elizabeth Taylor, better. Agree?

Which were your favorite or least favorite moments from last night’s ceremonies?

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