‘Orphan Black’ stars and creators talk final season, potential spinoff at SDCC

Clone Club has taken over Comic-Con!

8:31 pm EDT, July 22, 2016

This year’s San Diego Comic-Con may be Orphan Black’s last, so we sat down with the show’s cast and creators to discuss this past season as well as what might be coming for their fifth and final year.

Can you believe it’s been four years since Orphan Black premiered on BBC America? I can’t either! So much has happened and finally the story lines have begun to converge to give us the last season, and there’s just so much to talk about.

And before we get into the juicy Comic-Con bits, check out this new look back at Orphan Black’s past 4 seasons.

Cast members Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris, Kristian Bruun, Kevin Hanchard, Kathryn Alexandre and creators Graeme Manson & John Fawcett were all in San Diego for the biggest convention of the year, and here are our favorite moments!

We can’t hide — be yourself

When asked about what message she hopes resonsates most with fans after the series ends, Maslany and Alexandre both stated without a doubt that they hope people know they can be themselves.

“Be who you are. That’s what the clones are trying to do,” Alexandre says. “They just want to be able to walk through the world and not be affected.”

Maslany continues the same sentiments, saying, “I feel like right now in the world there’s so much fear and so much hate of the ‘other.’ There’s so much other-ing of people where we separate each other saying, ‘You’re different to me, you’re not like me.’ There’s this horrible thing happening in the world and I think [the message I want is] the same thing of acceptance and love for yourself and people around you and not hiding who you are.

“I think that after things like Orlando people want to hide because we’re so exposed, and I think we can’t hide. I think that’s the big thing.”


Season 5 is going to be both happy and sad, and the end may be bittersweet for us

Season 4 of Orphan Black has been particularly dark, and while the show will continue with that tone throughout the end of season 5, Fawcett explains that it’s important that we hang on to something.

“It’s been very dark, but I think it’s important the show remains strong in its sense of hope. I think that’s always been an important part of our storytelling. When we talk about the feeling of season 5 it’s a happy/sad thing. Even sitting here and talking about our last season — it’s very bittersweet, and I can’t imagine an ending that doesn’t feel like that.”

Beth’s story was built backwards – not from the very beginning

Fawcett explains, “In season 1 we talked so much about Beth but we didn’t know everything. We imagined there was a lot more story there, and it was complicated but an exciting challenge. Beth is someone we wanted to know more intimately and we believed she had clues to the mystery that we needed.

“To go back and get those clues was a great way to begin the season, and she’s a fascinating character. It was darker than normal for us, and it’s picking up a character who we know dies so that sets the tone.”


Which side is Percival on? Neolution creator will be the big mystery next year

At the end of the season we saw that the creator of Neolution is still alive, probably at least a hundred years old or more.

“We’ve been through this journey to get to this place. That is the big mystery for next year.”

Fawcett adds, “I don’t know if you’ll call him a bad guy but it’ll be interesting to see what he’s all about.”

Season 5 was always the end goal

While season 5 is the end, it may not be the end of the Orphan Black world. When asked about why season 5 is the last season, Manson confirmed that this was the plan all along. “We don’t want to get soft in the middle. It’s cooler to cancel yourself than to peter out.”

But that doesn’t mean spin-offs aren’t an option! When asked about the possibility of a feature film earlier in the day, Fawcett revealed that it would be awesome. “I would love that,” he said.

‘Orphan Black’ returns for season 5 next spring

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