7:00 pm EDT, July 12, 2015

‘Orphan Black’ cast talks science, love and growth at SDCC

We spoke to the Orphan Black cast yesterday at San Diego Comic-Con, and they shared some great insight into season 4.

Jordan Gavaris, Dylan Bruce, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Kristian Bruun, Ari Millen and show creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson all appeared at San Diego’s House of Blues to talk about the show. Check out what they had to say about their characters, as well as what we can expect next year.

Jordan Gavaris on Felix’s growth

When asked about what he would like his character to do this next season, Gavaris was very straightforward. “I would like something a little more substantial in terms of an arc, and character development. Something that can actually influence, or change him.

“There’s been a lot of conflict, and stuff that’s happened but there hasn’t been any growth for him. That’s important, we are who we are and I know the audience has come to love the many facets of him but I know there’s a lot more to explore. I’m interested in telling a story about a gay man and what he went through as an artist, as a gay man — as a lonely and single gay man. That’s the story that I’d like to tell and I think I can tell that within the parameters of where season 4 is going.”

Ferdinand orphan black topside

On technology and development

When we met up with the show creators, Fawcett and Manson delved into what we can expect in terms of technology as well as Alison’s growth and development. “You remember the tail?” Manson asked. “Things are going to get very tail-y.”

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“We like weird, but not like weird when it’s just weird for being weird,” Fawcett explained. Added Manson, “we really like body horror. I think at the same time it’s always good, with these science fiction things, to let it go a little weird and then reign it down. What’s fun about the show is that it’s still been kind of believable. We like to get right to the edge where things might go too weird and then come back.”

Mrs. S. and Sarah

We asked Maria if the reveal of an actual blood relation changed anything about the relationship between Sarah and Mrs. S., and of course she said that she’s always cared about Sarah as a daughter regardless. “It’s kind of weird now, but now basically she’s my aunt actually. The bloodline thing is a bit weird, but I think that whole story was just mind blowing. To find out about the original and be reunited with my own mother, it’s been exciting.”

Orphan Black kendall

Unfortunately the cast couldn’t share much on what we can expect for season 4 in terms of villains and action because production hasn’t started, but each of them did say they’re excited to see where everything is going with Neolution. “We don’t know who they are,” Gavaris said, which will bring a fantastic new dynamic now that the fight between DYAD and Castor has almost come to a close.

‘Orphan Black’ season 4 returns in 2016

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