9:50 am EDT, October 10, 2019

‘Onward’ teaser is a hilarious, heart-felt adventure

Onward, the latest movie from Pixar, just released its first trailer, and it is packed with adventure, laughs, and lots of heart.

Pixar’s latest movie, Onward, just released its first trailer, and we can’t wait for this brand new adventure. Onward will be a bit different from a lot of Pixar flicks, following characters set in an urban fantasy world rather than following characters in a world quite similar to ours.

Onward tells the story of two teenage elf brothers, Ian and Barley Lightfoot. When a birthday gift opens their eyes to a world they never realized existed, they set out on an amazing adventure to see if there is any magic left in the world.

Ian and Barley are given a magical staff that allows them to bring their deceased father back for 24 hours, but the spell goes awry and they only bring back his lower half. The brothers set out to find a magical map from a Manticore, a creature who is part lion, part bat, and part scorpion, so they can bring back the rest of their father.

In the Onward universe, the Manticore was once an epic warrior who served as a sort of way station for adventurers about to embark on a magnificent quest. However, though the creature has adapted to the less-than-magical times, an adventurous spirit still lurks within.

Ian, Barley, and the Manticore (voiced by Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, and Octavia Spencer, respectively) work together to help Ian and Barley on their magnificent quest. Onward looks like it will be adorable, hilarious, and the type of fun we can only expect from a Pixar movie.

Of course, we can also tell that it will totally make us ugly cry. Two kids, embarking on an adventure to magically bring back their father’s top half, while hanging out with just his legs (and signature purple socks)? Yeah, we can already feel the tears coming.

Regardless, we’re so excited for this one. Onward heads to theaters on March 6, 2020.

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