One Million Moms, an anti-gay group based in the U.S., responds to The New Normal’s comical scene where they depict the group as ridiculous, saying “the show actually made One Million Moms look good.”

The New Normal and One Million Moms have developed quite a history lately, with the group first asking their supporters to write letters to the show’s sponsors to try and get the show cancelled, and Ryan Murphy retaliating by writing in an extra scene where he pokes fun at the group, all of which can be read in further detail in previous Hypable posts here and here.

On their official website, they put up a post in response to The New Normal’s most recent episode, where Shania (Bebe Wood) is having a pretend wedding, but conservative Nana (Ellen Barkin) enlists the help of ‘future one million moms’ to stop the fake wedding. For those who didn’t see the scene, the kids who are meant to be future members of the group say a bunch of absurd things that are funny because of how uninformed and homophobic they are. At no point during the scene do you think that what they are saying makes sense or are valid points, and any normal person would conclude from that representation that One Million Moms sound crazy.

However, the members themselves think that the show actually portrayed them in a positive light – so this might just give you an insight into the minds behind the group. They told the writers of New Normal, “openly homosexual Ryan Murphy”, that they will continue to fight for the show to be cancelled “because it goes against Biblical practices and Christian virtues.”

Some might view the show as demonstrating a loving family, no matter the gender, but One Million Moms has a different notion. They warn their readers at the end of their long post that “NBC’s “The New Normal” is attempting to desensitize America and our children.”

What’s your opinion? Is NBC desensitising children? The New Normal returns next Tuesday 9:30/8:30c.

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