Once Upon a Time showrunner Ed Kitsis talks in a new interview about Emma’s love life, and who we may see courting her in season 2!

Speaking to E! Online, Kitsis admits that the writers have to make up for a season of Emma doing, “the whole savior thing and I’m-a-new-mom thing.” So in season 2, we can expect to see “a few suitors come her way.”

Will this be while she is stuck in fairytale land with Snow White, or after they make it back to Storybrooke (if indeed they ever do)? Kitsis doesn’t say, but he does reveal that the potential love interests include, “a few people we haven’t met yet.”

A few, huh?! Interesting. It’s good to know that Emma will be keeping busy, and hopefully it’ll be a case of her picking the best possible romantic partner as opposed to ending up in some love triangle or finding one of the show’s iconic “true love” pairings.

We have quite a few ideas about who Emma could potentially hook up with of course, including Captain Hook, Baelfire (who may or may not be the same person as Henry’s dad), August and Jefferson.

Who would you most like to see with Emma in season 2? Vote in the poll and share your choice in the comments!

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