Once Upon a Time is gender-bending the fairytale character Jack – the role will be played by Cassidy Freeman. Check out these images from the episode “Tiny.”

Sadly, Once Upon a Time is on a short break right now, but when it returns February 10, it is with what looks to be a fantastic episode! 2×13 “Tiny” will not only bring back Lost star Jorge Garcia as Anton the Giant, but will also introduce Jack the Giant Killer, who in an interesting twist will be played by Smallville actress Cassidy Freeman.

TV Line has posted these two images from the episode that show the characters getting on surprisingly well – and they’re the same size, too:

Once Upon a Time Jack Giant Jorge Garcia Cassidy Freeman Tiny Once Upon a Time Jack Giant Jorge Garcia Cassidy Freeman Tiny
The episode description reads:

Kidnapped and brought to Storybrooke by Cora, the Giant (Jorge Garcia) unleashes his vengeance on the town when a case of mistaken identity leads him to try and settle an old score with David; Mr. Gold, accompanied by Emma and Henry, attempts to depart Storybrooke – hoping to keep his memory intact when he crosses the town line — and heads to the airport in search of his son Bae; and Greg (Ethan Embry) questions Belle as to what she saw on the night of his car accident. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was and against his brothers’ wishes, Anton, the Giant, climbs down the beanstalk and attempts to befriend some humans – whose intentions may not be so noble.

Are you looking forward to see how they’ll change up the story of Jack and the Beanstalk? Do you think she’s the one who turns Anton into a giant in the first place?

Once Upon a Time returns February 10 at 8/7c on ABC.

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