There are plenty of Once Upon a Time season 7 details to sort through from D23. Including Henry’s wife… Cinderella?

But wait! You say that Once Upon a Time already did Cinderella? And since we last saw Henry many years in the future with a daughter at his doorstep, shouldn’t she be in Storybrooke dealing with a teen of her own?

Details on the new season are still sparse, but Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis shed some light on the mysterious season 7 reset.

Reintroducing Cinderella?

It’s easy to joke about Once Upon a Time running out of fairytale characters. After Brave, Frozen, and the villains ran amok in Storybrooke, the series opted for a few untold stories to fill the gap.

But have they truly exhausted characters enough that it is time to recycle them? Answer — not exactly. Once Upon a Time is, after all, a retelling of these classic fairytales. Henry’s book is no different. It is one version of the story. And so, Henry Mills finds, and falls in love with, a new Cinderella.

once upon a time cinderella

Season 7 will take Henry to new books, not unlike the version we see his daughter Lucy carrying in the finale. Henry’s authorship will play a huge role in season 7. But before we get to that the series will need to answer quite a few questions.

Where are we headed in ‘Once Upon a Time’ season 7?

Things may be changing in season 7, but one aspect of the show is staying in tact — flashbacks. With Jared Gilmore returning for a brief appearance, Once Upon a Time will give the Author one final chance to bid farewell to Storybrooke.

From there Andrew J. West will take over as Henry in the new present day. Also returning are original cast members Colin O’Donoghue, Lana Parilla, and Robert Carlyle. But don’t expect to see Killian, Regina, or Mr.Gold as we left them. In Seattle a new curse will give the trio new identities. Since it is a port city, perhaps Killian will still breathe that sea air.


Once Upon a Time 5x16 captain swan plan

Happily never after? With Jennifer Morrison out and Colin O’Donoghue in, what will become of the show’s most beloved couple? Horowitz and Kitsis did stress that season 6 set off a few “Happy beginnings.”

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The creators are not interested in erasing the six seasons of the series. Episode 2, “A Pirate’s Life,” will clear up Killian’s story including if the couple ever had a child of their own!

Odds and ends

Here are few other items to arise from the D23 panel:

• Seattle and the surrounding forests will be the main setting, but flashbacks will take us to Storybooke and the Enchanted Forest

• Yo-ho a pirates’ life for Killian? Could the hero turn back to his villainous ways? “There’s always the danger of Hook returning to his villainous ways, but I think his good heart prevents him from going all the way,” Kitsis explains.

• Emma will return for at least one episode in season 7. But where? There are still some mysteries to unpack.

What do you think about the new ‘Once Upon a Time’ details?

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