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Three ‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 finale cliffhangers we don’t want to see

By Karen Rought | Edited by Brandi Delhagen

In just a few days, the Once Upon a Time season 2 finale, “And Straight on Till Morning,” will air. Here are just a few of the questions we need answered before the summer hiatus.

Finales are always bitter-sweet. They usually bring many of the conflicts to a head, but they also mean we have to wait months until the next season airs and we get the answers to the questions that will inevitably be raised.

“And Straight on Till Morning” is being described as the devastating finale to season 2 of Once Upon a Time. With the destruction of Storybrooke triggered, there’s no telling what might happen to some of our favorite characters.

Once Upon a Time is known for its cliffhangers. At the end of season 1, we saw magic enter Storybrooke, and we were left hanging until season 2 premiered. During the mid-season break of season 2, we had to wait and see what would happen now that Cora was officially in Storybrooke.

It begs the question, what will be the last lingering shot that will transition us from season 2 to season 3?

The Once Upon a Time season 2 finale promises to go out with a bang — literally — but there are some cliffhangers we just don’t think we’d survive if we had to wait until season 3 aired to find out what happened. Here are just a couple from the long list of questions we want answered before season 2 wraps up this Sunday.

Where did Neal go?

Once Upon a Time Neal Cassidy

In “Second Star to the Right,” Neal was shot by Tamara and fell through a portal she created with a magic bean. Most fans agree that he’s not dead. While that might just be flat out denial given that the character has quickly become a fan favorite, it’s not completely illogical. So much of his story seems unfinished, especially after he and Emma confessed their love to each other, and we’d love to see him back for season 3.

So, going on the assumption that Neal is alive, where do you think he could’ve gone? The Enchanted Forest? Neverland? Wonderland? At this point, we’ll take anything. There will be nothing worse than having to wait months to find out what happened to Neal and if he truly is still alive.

Who do Tamara and Greg work for?

Once Upon a Time Tamara Greg

If you watched the extended promo for the season 2 finale, you’ll know that Greg and Tamara don’t exactly know who they work for. One of the biggest surprises of the season so far has been the introduction of this mysterious organization that we know next to nothing about. They want to eradicate our world of magic, but why? How do they know about magic, and who leads them?

Just because Tamara and Greg don’t know who they answer to, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t! Even a sneak peek at a symbol or logo, or a quick flash of their enigmatic leader would be nice. We just want something, anything, we can obsess over until season 3 rolls around.

What will happen to the inhabitants of Storybrooke?

Once Upon a Time Trigger Diamond

Regina was pretty clear about what would happen to Storybrooke if the trigger was activated when she said, “There is no stopping it.” Greg and Tamara are willing to die for their cause — even if they don’t exactly understand why — but that doesn’t mean everyone is as resigned to their fate as they are.

This might actually be the worst cliffhanger opportunity Once Upon a Time could present to us. What if the trigger is activated and everyone jumps through a portal to save their lives, and the season just ends right then and there? We’ll be left wondering who lived and who died, and where they ended up. Did everyone even end up in the same place? Is Storybrooke gone for good?

Once Upon a Time season 3 could prove to be an absolute game changer. It’s more than possible it could be partially or completely set in the Enchanted Forest. That might be great for some characters who want to go back, like the dwarves and the Charmings, but Henry and Emma grew up in our world and Emma has already experienced what a hot mess living with ogres can be. We doubt she’ll be too happy to be back there — especially given the fact they don’t know if they’ll ever be able to return to our world.

What questions do you absolutely need answered before the ‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 finale wraps up? Where do you think everyone is going to be come season 3?

Featured image credit: Jack Rowand/ABC

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