2:30 pm EDT, July 12, 2015

‘Once Upon a Time’ at SDCC: Merida, the Author, and a very Dark Swan

Hypable got a chance to sit down with the cast and creators of Once Upon a Time at San Diego Comic-Con and chat about Merida, Henry as the Author, oh, and a little Dark Swan too.

Make sure to check out our recap of the panel where we learned that Merida will be coming to Once Upon a Time next season, and had a great time talking about all our favorite characters with the cast and creators. Now, check out what that cast and crew had to say when Hypable got a chance to sit down with them and find out what they think about the plots of season 5.

Our first visitors were the creators, Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis, who quickly dispelled a rumor that they created. “Is Merida Rumple’s mother? No. She is not.” They threw the casting of Rumple’s mother out there to keep the press and fans on their toes, hoping that they could have a secret to share at Comic-Con. They went on to say that they do intend to get into Rumple’s past and tell the story of him and his mother, but they never intended for it to be now.

Hypable asked them if Henry breaking the quill at the end of season 4 would affect his role as the Author, and Eddy was quick to say that, “Henry broke it in a way to say, I’m not going to fall under the same temptation because the idea is the Author to record, not influence, but of course like any time you make a big brash statement it bites you in the ass.” Adam then added, “I think very quickly in the season we’ll see Henry having some serious doubts about what he did with that quill and what he can do as the Author.”

Lana Parilla was ready to talk about how Regina is probably going to be sliding into the role of Savior now that Emma has transitioned into the Dark Swan. Regina will be fully embracing the hero part of herself, and will more than likely be heading up the team that is more than likely working full time on ways to rid Emma of the darkness.


Also good to note, when we talked with Lana about her role in Henry’s new adventure, she mentioned that since Henry broke the quill, they may find themselves needing to replace it, which is an extension to what Eddy and Adam said about Henry possibly regretting his decision to snap the quill in half. Is the quill really that important to the fate of the Author? Only time and season 3 will tell.

Our most anticipated interview of the press room was Jennifer Morrison, the Dark Swan herself. Rest assured all you Once Upon a Time fans, that Jennifer Morrison has done everything in her power to prepare to play a convincing and layered Dark Swan. In addition to the obvious wardrobe change, Jennifer has been preparing for this dramatic change in character all hiatus long by researching the psychology of fairy tales and basically absorbing any and everything she can find to breathe depth and complexity into this departure from the Emma Swan we know and adore.

Colin O’Donoghue was very straight forward as to what Hook will be up to when we return. He said, “Nothing is more important to him at this point than Emma, and her heart. It’s a very complicated thing, I think he’s going to definitely try to figure out a way to bring her back.” Short, but sweet, and we wouldn’t want him any other way.


We’ll leave you with two little facts that we got from the Charmings. Josh made sure to let us know that we will see his character at his most heroic this season. Considering the things we’ve seen him do, and the lengths he’s gone to keep his family safe, that is certainly saying something.

The second is this: There will be a debate about who should be in control of the dagger. There are certainly reasons why just about any of our heroic clan should control it, but we want to know: Who do you think should possess the power to control Emma?

Who do you think should be in charge of protecting Emma’s dagger on ‘Once Upon A Time’?

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