Once Upon a Time returns Sunday with “Into the Deep.” Watch a sneak peek from the episode featuring David, Regina, Henry and Gold.

In the clip, Henry wakes up from having been in the red room and explains to Mr. Gold, Regina and David that Aurora got sucked out before he had a chance to speak to her.

They found out that his arm is burned even more severely than before, and Gold explains that it happened before Aurora was woken up, “before her soul was ready to return.”

Regina and David don’t want to send Henry back to the room, but Gold argues that Cora won’t hesitate to kill Snow and Emma if they don’t help them. “And then,” he warns, “a true monster will be on her way to Storybrooke.”

Then, David reveals that even though Aurora is no longer in the room, Snow will be. “She was there once before,” David reveals, “she can go back.” And David decides to put himself under a sleeping curse to meet her there, even though there’s a chance he might never wake up from it.

“Sure I will,” David says. “When I see her she’ll kiss me, and I’ll be fine.” Let’s hope that’s true!

Once Upon a Time 2×08 “Into the Deep” airs Sunday at 8/7c on ABC.

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