10:51 pm EST, August 9, 2019

Massachusetts town can’t keep ‘Old Town Road’ signs on the street

“Old Town Road” fans are taking their love for Lil Nas X’s summer hit to the next level, and one Massachusetts town isn’t too happy about it.

Billboard reports that due to the success of Lil Nas X’s chart topping collab with Billy Ray Cyrus, the town of Wellesley in Massachusetts is having trouble keeping their sign for “Old Town Road” out on the street.

News that fans of the hit country rap banger have been swiping the sign comes from the local news outlet, The Swellsely Report.

In their report, the outlet reveals that signs for the town’s Old Town Road “have been swiped at least 3 times in Wellsley since spring.”

The Wellsley Department of Public Works also weighed in on the issue, chalking the disappearing signs up to a prank.

In addition, the town’s communications and project manager, Stephanie Hawkinson, pointed out that swiping signs might seem like a fun and harmless idea to the individuals doing so, but it actually ends up setting the city back quite a bit of money.

“The behavior is likely the work of individuals playing pranks, but costs the Town a lot of time and money to locate, repair — and where the signs and posts are damaged — replace, and reinstall the signs,” Hawkinson told The Swellsely Report.

Wellsley, Massachusetts isn’t the only town suffering from “Old Town Road” fever.

Last week brought reports of the same situation happening in Sicamous, British Colombia, who has their own Old Town Road.

The repeated stealing of the sign may have been frustrating at first, but Sicamous came up with a pretty clever way to deter fans.

In response, the town’s District Chamber of Commerce decided to replicate the signs for purchase.

“We’re all about having fun in Sicamous and our motto is ‘Live More,’ so rather than focus on the negative that some signs have disappeared, we thought it would be more fun to offer up a re-make of the signs for purchase,” said a representative for the District of Sicamous in an email to local outlet the Daily Hive.

Sicamous may have come up with a clever solution, but we’re sure most other towns would simply prefer for Lil Nas X fans to leave their street signs alone!

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