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‘Ocean’s 8’: Five women we want to see join the team

Ocean’s 8 is a powerhouse of hilarious actors, and it’s pretty much guaranteed that we’ll get a sequel. If Ocean’s 9 happens, who should join the team next?

With it’s amazing cast of interesting, clever and hilarious women, Ocean’s 8 is the kind of ensemble heist movie that stays entertaining from start to finish. Thanks to the amazing performances of the leading women (Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchet, Sarah Paulson, Mindy Kaling, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, Awkwafina and Helena Bonham Carter) it’s more than likely that we’ll be getting a sequel.

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If Ocean’s 8’s reboot/spin-off status means that it’ll follow the example of previous Ocean’s movies, a second movie would be called Ocean’s 9… and a new character would have to be introduced to spice things up.

So while we wait for any news about a sequel, here are five actors who would absolutely nail a performance in this awesome heist comedy.

ocean's 8 casting letitia wright

Letitia Wright

We know Wright has talent for comedy, thanks to her memorable performance in Black Panther. She’s witty, she’s confident, and it’s impossible not to love her. Although the position of tech genius is already taken by Rihanna’s Nine Ball, Wright’s character could be someone entirely different from Shuri, but still be utterly captivating.

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It would be great to see Wright put her wit to use in a mission of deception, and maybe even show off her rapping skills! It would also be nice to have someone younger than the others join the group — Wright is 24 years old, five years younger than the youngest member of the current Ocean’s gang.

ocean's 8 cast jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence might seem like a strange choice at first glance; after all, all her movies in recent times have been high-profile dramas, and she hasn’t really ventured into comedy at all. But it’s no secret that she excels at comedy, although her sense of humor has mostly been reserved for the red carpet.

There would be no better stage than a second Ocean’s film for Lawrence to combine both her acting talent and her natural comedic timing, and fully cement her role as a versatile big-name actor in Hollywood.

ocean's 8 casting mila kunis

Mila Kunis

Kunis has always done great work in comedy films, while being known as a very elegant, intelligent person — who’s also kind of a badass. That’s exactly the kind of woman that would fit in with the Ocean’s 8 team, and the tone of Kunis’ recent work is proof enough that this would be the kind of project she would love to be involved in.

Kunis can also speak Russian, and after those jokes about Russian hackers in Ocean’s 8, maybe she can bring a character or Russian descent to life and shake things up a bit.

ocean's 8 cast sandra oh

Sandra Oh

Oh has yet to perform in a blockbuster film, having gained fame through her roles on television, but her work has proven that she’s an immensely talented actor and someone who deserves to be in the spotlight more.

After her recent work on Killing Eve, seeing her as a criminal would be a great switch-up from her usual morally-upright roles. The unique combination of her great sense of humor and the natural earnestness she brings to her performances could really make her stand out as a member of the gang.

ocean's 8 casting helen mirren 2

Dame Helen Mirren

Name a female actor more badass than Dame Helen Mirren. I’ll wait.

She’s an action icon, and the embodiment of glamour and elegance — and she’s wonderfully funny. Bringing her into the fray could make her a great affront to Debbie Ocean’s pride, or perhaps the return of a great role model in Debbie’s life. There also is some similarity between her style and that of Cate Blanchett… what if she played Lou’s mother? The possibilities are endless!

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