Nikita executive producer and showrunner Craig Silverstein recently teased season 3, including the new Division, romance, and the future (or lack thereof) of some characters.

Silverstein recently spoke with IGN about what to expect in the upcoming third season.

A new feel

In discussing how the new season will have a decidedly different feel now that Nikita’s mission from the first two seasons — take out Percy — has been completed, Silverstein says that “essentially what you’ve been watching for two years is an origin story. Even though everyone had origin stories before then, you’re watching the formation of a super group. Now you’re going to see it move into action.”

Silverstein also teases that some characters will acclimate to their new lives more easily than others. Nikita, in particular, will have a hard time. “Nikita, when we first meet her, is in a yoga class with other women, out in public, and these two girls after class ask her to grab a tea or something,” he describes.

“She doesn’t know how to react right away because she’s not used to being a normal person being talked to by other normal people now that she doesn’t have to duck the sight lines of surveillance cameras and live in one of her fabulous lairs.” This season will mark an entirely new experience for her.

New (and old) villains

With Percy dead, Amanda is the big threat hanging over our heroes. And though she does not appear for a while, “[t]he specter of Amanda is raised in the first episode,” Silverstein reveals.

While the season will start out focusing on catching the “Dirty Thirty” rogue agents who did not return to Division after Percy’s death, Amanda is “sort of the big picture at the top of their target list. She’s actually responsible for what we learn in the first episode,” he goes on to add, “which is they sent out this recall order, and many agents came back in, some agents didn’t.

“Everybody got a mass email, basically, two hours after the email from Division saying, ‘Don’t go back in. You’ll be executed. Come join me.’ Not many of them did, but some of them listened to her warning.” Ari will be alongside Amanda as well, though their relationship will be rocky.

The characters

When it comes to the show’s core romantic relationship, Michael and Nikita, Silverstein teases that “[t]here’s a big change for them in the very first episode, in which we do a very typical Nikita thing where you expect a show to do something like this later on and we do it early. Then I’m going to have something happen a little later on that is pretty traumatic for them…”

As for Nikita’s protege, Alex, Silverstein says, “[S]he’s focused on the future, although, I think there’s a lot of pain in her past that she thinks she’s dealt with but really hasn’t dealt with yet. Having her relationship with Sean is going to dredge some of that stuff up.”

When talking about the remaining supporting cast, Silverstein teases ominously that ex-Navy SEAL Sean Pierce, new Division head Ryan Fletcher, and former Guardian Owen Elliot are “not going to get along. Maybe someone’s going to have to die” because Division is “[m]aybe a little too crowded” with all of them.

And with Devon Sawa now a series regular, Silverstein previews that the writers have “a really cool backstory — or lack thereof I should say — for Owen, and he’s going to pursue that. The way that he bounces off of the two relationships — Michael and Nikita and Alex and Sean — I think is going to be really fun to see, too. He’s just a wild card.”

The show will also explore a more grown-up Birkhoff this season. “[N]ow he kind of feels like he’s running the joint. He gets to experiment with all of this stuff,” Silverstein says. “He’s gotten more character to him. He’s shown his nobility, which I don’t think was something that he really ever showed in the first season until maybe the very end.”


According to Silverstein, “a major theme” of the season will be whether Division can be redeemed, which was first brought up last season with the flashbacks to Division’s founding and the introduction of Carla. “I think that is the chief concern,” Silverstein says. “We start to raise it in the first episode. We talk about it in the first, second, third, fourth episode…”

What do you think of the interview? Are you looking forward to season 3?

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